alkaline ph water

Alkaline water is not at all acidic, but it has more alkalinity than normal water. Normal water is supposed to have a pH level of 7, but alkaline water has a pH level of 8 or more. This water is not neutral on the pH levels. It has a more alkalinity than normal water. It is usually devoid of any acid. It works like antacid. It neutralizes acid in chemical solutions. This water is also known as ionized water. The main use of alkaline water is drinking it as normal water. Ionized water or alkaline water is known to balance the pH level in the human body, thus benefiting the body in the process. Alkaline water is found in bottles ‘in the market’. Ionized water is costly. One bottle can cast upwards of 30$. It is pricey, but there is an alternate way to get ionized water. The problem is that one has to spend a small fortune to get a water ionizer . Water ionizers are fitted to any normal tap. Fitting a water ionizer is a good choice, as it can provide ionized water for the whole family and it supplies the water 24/7. Water ionizers are extremely expensive. One ionizer can cost more than 1000$. It is hard for most people to spend that much at once, but spending on bottled ionized water maybe much more expensive in the long run. Let us now discuss the benefits of ionized water. The cells in our body are alkaline based. Means it needs alkaline to maintain proper functionality, but when the cells work it releases metabolic waste. This waste is acidic in nature. The cells use this waste as an energy source, but if the produced waste isnt put to use it builds up in the body. As this waste is acidic in nature, it increases the acid level in the body. This in turn, affects the pH balance in the body. If acids soar, in the pH balance the body has to suffer. The body uses nutrients of other organ to maintain the alkaline level of the cells. This weakens the other organs of the body thus weakening the body. It is important to keep a good pH balance in the body. It is the key to good health. Some scientist thinks that pH levels are the first defense against diseases. The body has its own complex system of cleaning. It overloads when the acid levels rises. Some diseases are directly related with acid levels. So keeping the pH balance is very important. Having an ideal pH balance means having a healthy body and alkaline water helps to get the acid level down and maintain a proper alkaline level.
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