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Once again, I checked the pH level of the water I drink. Then I checked the pH of our tap water, boiled or Distilled Water, and bleach. Surprise! The most Alkaline of the group was the bleach; it has a pH of 10! Of course the tap water came in second, as it smells of bleach. Third was the boiled water, as it was originally tap water. So my favorite alkaline water came in fourth, and it is the only water that I would drink.

The main reason that I don’t drink tap water is that I know the harmful effects that bleach has on the body. Our bodies are not equipped to dispose of bleach. For that reason it is sent to the thyroid to handle. A continual bombardment of bleach causes the thyroid to become hyper or hypo-active. I know this because I have had hyperthyroidism.

I wanted a cheap, easy way to improve the pH for people who don’t want to purchase bottled water . Recent research that I have done turned up Baking Soda as an Alkaline Booster. So I did an experiment. After adding a small amount of Baking Soda to my test cups of water, I found that the pH level increased quickly to a level of 9 or 10 depending on how Alkaline the water was before I started the experiment.

Baking Soda does increase the pH of the water, but it doesn’t improve the taste! You will have to decide for yourself if the money you will save is worth the decrease in taste.

If you are going to use this method of boosting your pH; I would suggest that you find Baking Soda that is Aluminum Free. Years ago we learned that Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease. We quickly changed the deodorant we use, and have not used Aluminum in our house since then. However, today I did find that there was Aluminum in our Baking Soda.

That container landed in the trash. It is so important to read the labels on the food you use, especially on items that you have been using for years.

If you do decide, or just plain need to make your own Alkaline water here is the Recipe. Take a gallon of Natural Spring Water or other pure drinking water , and add 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda. Shake well. Stick a pH test strip into the water. If the water is not as alkaline as you want it to be, add more Baking Soda. Add 1/4 teaspoon more at a time. Test the pH of the water again. Then write down the amount of Baking Soda that you used so that the next time you want to make this recipe it will be easier to do. Always shake the container before you pour yourself a glass.

If you need a list of Alkaline food, or have question about pH you can go to my web-site:

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