Does Alkaline Water Really Work?


Water is the most important thing on earth. As Americans, we are lucky to have clean drinking water compared to other countries. We have a few great sources of water, such as the Great Lakes, streams, and rivers. Recently, alkaline water has begun to appear more and more in health articles and on talk shows. There has been some debate over whether alkaline drinking water is good for you, so we’re going to inform you about why alkaline water may be the best drinking water available.

Why It’s the Best Drinking Water

Tap water is a hit or miss. Depending on the area where you live and the water that is available to you, sometimes it’s better to drink tap water, and sometimes it’s worse. For instance, you’ve probably heard about the water epidemic in Flint, MI, or in some farming communities where it’s best to have filtered water or alkaline water because of the large amount of lead found in the water. Drinking tap water may be more dangerous than you actually realize.

When you invest in alkaline water, however, you will definitely get the most healthy water possible. Alkaline water has a high pH level and can help with pepsin, which is what gives you acid reflux. Alkaline water can also help people who are suffering from abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Alkaline water is also much more pure than the tap water you might be digesting.

It Does Work

There is controversy surrounding water ionization, but there is also a lot of good that has come from it. If you suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure, the pH can help your body. The pH levels help to balance out your system, so drinking alkaline water with high pH levels will only help you in the long run. Normal water has a lower pH level of 7, which is why it’s not seen as cleansing as alkaline water, which has a pH of 8 or 9. The higher the pH of the water, the more it neutralizes the acid in your body.

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