Home Water Filter vs Bottled Water

If you are trying to improve your health through a variety of lifestyle choices, the water you drink should be high on your list. Finding the best drinking water for you and your family can seem like a daunting task. There are so many options available on the market today, and knowing which one of those many options is actually right for you can feel like an impossible decision-making task. One of the major questions people have is what the difference is between a home water filter system versus buying bottled water from the store. People who reach for bottles of water are usually trying to be conscientious about what they are drinking, but most are woefully uneducated about what those prepacked bottles of water actually contain.

Our goal is to help you find the best drinking water for your healthy lifestyle. We are here to help you understand the true difference between home water filters and bottled water. Read on to learn more about how a home filter may be the better solution for your needs.

Glorified Tap Water

The first point we would like to address is the fact that bottled water is not regulated as much as the average consumer might believe. Just what are the regulations those big bottled water companies must meet? Essentially FDA requirements only govern bottled water that is crossing state lines, and the regulations only require that bottled water meet the same standards as tap water. Yes, that is right. Those fancy bottles of water need only be as good as your tap water, not better.

In fact, did you know? Around 25 percent of bottled water is literally water sourced from a municipal water supply with zero filtering beyond that, which means you are buying tap water in a bottle. If you are going to drink tap water that is unfiltered, why pay for it to be bottled?

Plastic Contamination

Not only is the water you buy in a bottle not any better for you than your tap water, it is also being stored in plastic containers which are allowed to contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA has been linked to serious health issues like Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, and more. Even if you buy a brand of bottled water that does not contain BPA, the water is being exposed to a variety of chemicals by being stored in a plastic container for long periods of time. The water coming out of your tap does not share this plastic contamination issue, which is why when you filter your water at home and immediately put it into a safe drinking vessel, you are exposing yourself to far fewer harmful chemicals.

Going Green

Not only are you essentially buying tap water when you buy bottled water, you are causing a huge strain on the environment. The following are some fast facts about the overwhelming burden we are placing on Mother Nature through bottled water usage in the United States alone:

  • Over 38 billion water bottles are not recycled and wind up in landfills each year
  • Water bottles that wind up in landfills take around 700 years to begin to decomposing
  • Over 17 million barrels of oil are used to create the plastic needed for water bottles annually which does not even include the fuel burned for transporting water around the country
  • The process of bottling water leaves a CO2 footprint of over 2.5 million tons
  • For every liter of bottled water produced, approximately 3 liters of water are used

It is extremely apparent that the consumption of bottled water is damaging our environment in serious ways. This can be so easily prevented through the use of a home water filtration system. When you want the best drinking water, you do not need to turn to a bottle of water. You can drink water from your own home that is safe, healthy, and far better for the environment.

The Difference of a Home Water Purification System

If you are done buying into the scam of bottled tap water and you want to take care of the planet while still enjoying the best drinking water, consider a home water purification system instead. Installing a purification system in your home, instead of buying bottled water, will provide you with a variety of benefits including the following:

  • Transparency: When you have a water filter system in your home, you know exactly what you are getting. Instead of guessing as to what was put in your bottle of water, you will have control over exactly what you are filtering out, what you are putting in, and where you are sourcing your water from. Knowing exactly what water you are drinking is smart and safe.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As we stressed above, the consumption of bottled water is damaging our planet in huge ways. When you filter your water at home, you can use reusable glasses, tumblers, water bottles, and other options that do not wind up in landfills. Not only will you save the planet from an excess of unnecessary trash, you will help reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Cost Effective: Although purchasing a home filter system can seem costly upfront, it is important to consider the lifetime costs of bottled water versus home water filters. You can see on our chart below how investing in a filter system is actually a much wiser use of your money.

bottled water vs water filter system

If you are looking for the best drinking water, make the switch today! Check out our Kangen Water machine, manufactured by Enagic – the industry leader in Ionized water purification technology for nearly 40 years.

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