What’s Really in Your Tap Water?

magnesiumSome people believe that the best drinking water comes from their tap. The truth is that it really depends on where you live. Some areas of the country have excellent drinking water coming from their tap; other areas of the country should take caution before drinking tap water or using it in their food preparation. So how can you find out what’s really in your tap water and whether or not you should be using it?

Get Your Water Tested

Having your water independently tested is a great way to see what’s really hidden in your tap water. Choose an independent company who you can trust and who will provide you with a detailed report. Unfortunately, some companies may simply try to give you a “safe” or “not safe” grading on your tap water, but what you want is a detailed report. That’s because what’s considered “safe” might not be something you want to give to your family. Right now, many areas of the country feel that certain levels of ingredients such as these are safe in tap water:

  • Chlorine. This is used to clean the water.
  • Nitrates. This can come from fertilizer run-off from farms.
  • Human waste. Yes, there can be trace amounts of human waste in your water!
  • Lead. As we’ve recently seen in the news, some levels of lead can still be considered safe by governing organizations.

How Safe is Safe Enough?

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your family water that has any amount of these elements in it, you aren’t alone. That’s why more people are opting for in-home water filtration systems that help them eliminate harmful ingredients in their water and provide their family with the best drinking water possible. Learn more about Kangen water filtration systems and how you can install one in your home!

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