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Dr. Shinya and Colonoscopy

Dr. Hiromi Shinya co-inventor of the colonoscopy and of the “Shinya Technique“, a revolutionary, first of it’s kind non-invasive colonoscopy surgical procedure, which is now the standard of care for the removal of polyps during a colonscopy. Has spent his career innovating, pioneering and assisting the medical community in making a radical shift in medical thinking. Over his 40 year career has treated ten of thousands of patients including celebrities, dignitaries and even US Presidents. During his routine medical history gathering, he has compared diet, and nutritional information from these patients and then compared this with the colonoscopy results to develop suggestions that will enable us to live a healthy life into a good old age. Dr. Shinya has performed over 300,000 colonoscopy procedures during his career.  The Shinya Technique has become very important in the colon health industry.

Dr. Shinya explains the Shinya Technique using Alkaline Water

Dr. Shinya recommends Alkaline Water

His book, “The Enzyme Factor.” Is based on his Japanese bestseller “How to Live Long and Never Be Sick”, which has sold over two million copies world-wide since publication in 2006. In his book Dr. Shinya explains the importance of drinking “the right kind of water”. “Good water”. He describes as “water with strong de-oxidation qualities”. Dr. Shinya explains you can use electrical means to create water with a strong reduction capability (“Kangen Water”). ” Water that has been electrically treated collects more minerals.

Alkaline Water and Electrolysis

Further more, when electrolysis occurs, active hydrogen is also produced, serving to remove excess free radicals from the body. When water passes through these purifiers, chlorine and other chemical substances found in tap water are removed. The result is what I call “Good water”, pure, clean, alkaline water with plenty of minerals. The biggest function is to improve blood flow, oxygenation, and promote metabolism. By activating intestinal bacteria flora and enzymes, waste, toxins, Dioxins, pollutants and carcinogens are all flushed out of the body. Good ionized, alkaline water actually flushes the body.

Where to find really good Alkaline Water

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