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If you are trying to achieve a greener home, there are a few different ways you can ensure your lifestyle is more environmentally friendly. At Kangen Water, we believe that a green life begins with the water you drink and use in your home. Check out these tips for creating a greener home and learn more about how our alkaline water system can help.

Say Goodbye To Water Bottles

Drinking healthy water is extremely important. Unfortunately, many people turn to purchasing bottled water to get the alkaline water they are seeking. The unfortunate fact is that more than 38 billion water bottles are not recycled each year. Those water bottles that are not recycled wind up in our landfills and can take 700 years to decompose. If you are trying to lead a greener lifestyle, start by purchasing a alkaline water system for your home, such as the Enagic water ionizer machine. An Enagic water ionizer allows you to have access to water in your home that is alkaline which will help balance your dietary pH. The water from this machine is also micro clustered, which for you equals superior hydration and ultimate detoxification.

Once you have your ionized water system in place in your home, you can purchase a high-quality reusable water bottle for times you are outside of your home. Bottling your own water will not only allow you to save the earth from the detrimental effects of water bottles in landfills, you will also have 100 percent confidence in the water you are drinking. Beyond just winding up in landfills, water bottles can be detrimental to the environment due to the amount of energy and petroleum used in the process of creating bottled water. In comparison, your Enagic water ionizer machine will have little impact upon the environment while providing you with unending access to healthy drinking water.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Oftentimes, when people are trying to lead a greener life, they will focus on the food they eat and the amount of time they spend driving around town burning up fossil fuels. However, the cleaning products in their home may go unnoticed. Cleaning products are responsible for exposing your home to a myriad of harmful and damaging chemicals. Many commonly used products, such as laundry detergent, are comprised of toxic chemicals that are both damaging to the environment and unsafe for your family. Take the time to read your cleaning product labels and opt to buy greener cleaning products.

If you want to implement your Enagic water ionizer, you can actually create your own green, but highly effective cleaning products. When you purchase an Enagic machine, you will have access to five different water types. The Strong Kangen Water and the Strong Acidic Water are both valuable in cleaning and sanitizing your home. For complete cleaning product recipes incorporating Kangen water, check out these Green Home Recipes.

Cut Down On Packaging Waste

Another way to ensure your household is practicing a greener lifestyle is to cut down on how much packaging you implement in your life. Instead of buying food that comes in individualized packaging, opt for bulk items. Although individual packages may seem like a fast, easy convenience, it contributes to excessive waste. Purchase reusable sandwich bags instead of throwaway style. You can then buy your food items in bulk and throw your snacks into reusable bags for on the go use.

Look for vegetables and fruits that are sold by weight as well instead of prepacked. Can you find bunches of spinach for sale instead of a bag of spinach? Choose the loose and bulk items and lower the amount of waste you are contributing to landfills.

Opt For Cloth

How many rolls of paper towels does your home use? Do you grab for a throw-away wipe instead of an old fashioned wash cloth when something spills? While this may seem convenient in the moment, using a cloth towel, sponge, or washcloth is the environmentally friendly method to choose. You can pair your wash cloth with your homemade green cleaning product from the above list for an effective, but eco friendly clean up. If you feel like you absolutely must have paper towels on hand, use them sparingly.

Bring Your Own Mug

Are you a person who needs their coffee every morning? Do you swing by a local coffee shop for that first hot cup of joe? Be sure you bring your own mug or thermos with you. While it takes the extra effort of cleaning your mug out at the end of the day, you can cut down on a lot of waste when you bring your own cup for your morning fix. If you are in a situation where you must use a throwaway coffee cup, steer clear of styrofoam and choose paper instead.

Remember, one of the best ways to keep your home green and clean is by purchasing an Enagic water ionizer machine for your home. Filter your own water and create your own green cleaning products with superior Kangen Water.

How to Make Your Water Alkaline 10254 People love how our alkaline water system provides them with clean, pure water on a daily basis in their home. Did you know you can make your water alkaline at home? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level above its natural level of about 7, although some water can be slightly more acidic (a lower pH number) due to impurities in the water. Water with a pH level of 8 or 9 would be considered alkaline.

How to Make Your Water Alkaline

Some people prefer to test their water before they get started with these at-home alkaline solutions. If you wish to test your water, you can pick up pH testing strips online at inexpensive prices.

Baking Soda.

Baking soda has a pH level of 9, so adding it to your water will make it alkaline. You’ll want to shake or stir your water vigorously to ensure that all of the baking soda has been dissolved before you drink it.


Lemons are acidic, so you might not think of them as a way to decrease the acidity of your water. But the acidity of the lemons actually causes your body to alkalize the water while it’s in our system.

pH Drops.

More expensive than lemons or baking soda, but preferred by some, are pH drops. These can be found in your local health food store. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and stir!

Or Let Our Alkaline Water System Do It For You

Sure, you can make your water alkaline at home. But unless you are also purifying it, you aren’t getting all the benefits that you should be anyway. Instead of spending more of your limited free time creating healthier water for yourself and your family, let our alkaline water system do it for you. Our system uses top-quality filtration to create water that’s pure, alkaline, and healthy for your body. Learn more about our alkaline water system on our website and place an order today.


How an Alkaline Water System Works in Your Home 10251 dreamstime_xxl_29689217People are eager to bring healthier drinking water into their homes but think the only way to do it is through consuming bottled water. Unfortunately, bottled water might not be any better than the water come directly from your tap, and it increases the amount of waste and your environmental impact with untold numbers of empty plastic bottles. The best option is an alkaline water system. Some people worry that these options are clunky and complicated, but the Kangen Water system couldn’t be easier to use in your home.

How to Hook Up Your Alkaline Water System

The Kangen Water system is as easy to hook up as your garden hose. You simply attach the hose of the system onto the aerator of your sink; that’s the part of the faucet where your water comes out of when you turn it on. The Kangen system will securely attach to the aerator so you don’t have issues with leaks or spills. Once the system is hooked up, you’ll simply turn on your faucet as normal, but gather the distributed water from the nozzle on the Kangen system. This water will have passed through the filtration system and become alkaline and ready for your consumption.

Ready to Change Your Water and Your Life?

Don’t negatively impact the environment with more empty plastic water bottles. Don’t mess around with complicated filtration systems. Get the system that makes it easy to bring delicious, filtered, alkaline water straight into your home without any mess or fuss. Learn more about our alkaline water system and place an order for your own on our website today!