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Our FREE Water Filter Deal – worth Over $560.00 USD!

We are GIVING AWAY WATER FILTERS!!! And not just any filter… but the very BEST money can buy. Read on to see how our deal works…

This offer may come down at any time, so act now!

We love helping people live healthier happier lives by drinking safe, highly purified, alkaline ionized Kangen Water. As you carefully review the content of our website, you will see we believe in these principles:

  • Individuals must assume responsibility to purify their own drinking water.
  • Studies show bottled water is as bad and often worse than tap water.
  • Distillation, reverse osmosis, bottled water… these methods all have problems.
  • The best water purification method is filtration.
  • Most water filters do not remove enough contaminants, so you must have a high capacity and high quality water filter.
  • Tap water contains chlorine and many other contaminants that must be removed.
  • Contaminant removal must be accomplished at the point of use (kitchen sink).
  • The best comanimant removal filter we have found for residential use is the Multipure Aquaperform water filter.
  • No matter what process is used for contaminant removal, water is by default is highly oxidizing which promotes the aging process.
  • To reduce the oxidizing property of the purified water, you must ionize your water to produce an alkaline pH with a strong negative ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential). This produces the ideal drinking water which helps balance dietary pH consumption, is loaded with antioxidants to help slow down the aging process, and it makes the water super-hydrating.
  • The best water ionizer is the Enagic Kangen 8 (K8) Kangen Water Ionizer.

With the above assumptions, your ideal home water purification system will consist of the following two products:

1) The Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter,


2) The Enagic Kangen 8 (K8) Water Ionizer

Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter with Single Hose Diverter Countertop Kit
Enagic Kangen 8 (K8) Kangen Water Ionizer

Our offer is this…

When you purchase the Enagic Leveluk Kangen 8 (K8) Kangen Water Ionizer from our website ( ), we will also send you the Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter countertop model with the single hose diverter kit. These two products work together like bread and butter. The world’s best water purification / contaminant removal plus the world’s best water ionization.

When you receive your K8 and Aquaperform, attach the Aquaperform to your sink faucet as normal with the single hose diverter. Then, attach the supply hose of the K8 to the faucet of the Aquaperform. When you divert your tap water, it will proceed first through the Aquaperform filter for thorough contaminant removal and become highly purified like you never before imagined, and then the water will proceed through the Enagic K8 machine to become highly ionized to produce the most delicious alkaline ionized super-hydrating water that is loaded with healthful antioxidants and which will help you balance your dietary pH intake.

The value of this free water filter exceeds $560 (varies based on state sales tax).

We will feel it a privilege to help you in your quest for the most amazing water for your family.

At this time, we can offer this deal only within the United States and Canada.

We know from our personal experience you will be amazed at how wonderful your water will taste, and how energized you will feel once you start drinking water from this amazing water purification system.

Things to know

  • This offer is good only within the United States and Canada.
  • This offer is good only when the Kangen 8 is purchased from our website as a single payment purchase (credit card or debit card purchase).
  • We are distributors of Enagic and Multipure products, and we are not representing either Enagic or Multipure in offering this deal as this is offered exclusively by us, and other distributors may or may not make such offers.
  • This offer may be taken down at anytime. If so, you may purchase these two recommended products at their normal full price directly at these links:
    > Enagic Kangen 8 Water Ionizer
    > Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter
  • Once your Kangen 8 order is submitted, contact us immediately to tell us your Enagic order number and to request your free Multipure Aquaperform filter: CLICK HERE TO OUR CONTACT FORM
  • If you have any uestions, use our CONTACT FORM and we will promptly reply.

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