Free Radicals? Whats That…

Have you ever heard of free radicals?

Have you ever heard of free radicals?

Have you ever heard of free radicals?

A free radical is a molecule, ion, or atom that exists in your body as a result of oxidation. We breathe in oxygen with each breath, so you can imagine how often free radicals occur.

free radicalsBecause of their molecular structure, free radicals can be problematic for your body. In fact, they can be downright dangerous for your body because they actively destroy cells on contact. This can result in cellular degeneration, mutation, or death.

In fact, free radicals are thought to be one major cause of disease in our bodies. That’s why you need free radical scavengers to hunt down and destroy free radicals in their tracks!

What is an affordable and readily-available free radical scavenger? Ionized alkaline water!

Ionized alkaline waterDrinking ionized alkaline water can give you a supply of free radical scavengers that end harmful oxidation chain reactions, thus protecting your body and its cells.

So, the next time you go for a glass of water, replace tap water or bottled water with something that really works – ionized alkaline water for better free radical scavenging!

 Ionized alkaline water Is!

Ionized Water is up to Six Times more Hydrating than Conventional Water
Ionized Water is very different from water that has been stored in bottles. For many thousand of years, we have been genetically trained to drink water that has been moving (bouncing over rocks) and which is free from chemicals.
In a few places in the world you can still enjoy, in nature, the health benefits of clean, safe ionized water. Now, we have alkaline water ionizers that bring this lost source to your kitchen sink. With ionized water the size and shape of the water molecule cluster is reduced in size and is changed in shape to hexagonal.

This size and shape allows the water molecules to pass through your tissues more easily, and naturally.
Some essential alkalizing minerals that come naturally from your tap water. Are necessary for our health. The issue is that it has been filtered of harmful Chlorine, Fluoride, and lye. Then when ionized your body will be able to absorb and use them much more efficiently. In comparison, drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water will lead to mineral deficiencies, which have actually been proven to pull natural minerals, and calcium from the bones causing osteoporosis.

When our bodies ability to absorb mineral supplements naturally from water and nutrition has been compromised, our bodies will extract them naturally from our bones. Already in an unnatural over-acidic state, due to our poor dietary consumption we are headed for significant health issues..

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