Water Ionizer “The Simple FACTS”

Water Ionizer, Pure With Far Reaching Health Benefits?

Initially created in the 1950’s, water ionizers work with an electric-powered charge to separate normal water into alkaline water (pH balance grater than Seven) and acidic water (pH balance below Seven). The greater the pH level in YOUR drinking water, the MORE efficient it is at preventing the harmful effects of acids within the human body.

What is Electrolysis?

  • Water ionizers manage-already filtered water to eradicate contaminants over negative and positive electrodes within a process generally known as electrolysis.
  • The electrodes ionize the water, negative and positive, producing acidic and alkaline water simultaneously.
  • Acidic water is separated straight into one holding chamber whilst alkaline water is separated into a second chamber.

Micro-Clustering… In Layman’s Term!

  • Water molecules generally gather in groups of around sixteen molecules.
  • Water ionizers splits larger water molecule groups away from each other, producing smaller sized groups of five to six molecules.
  • Smaller sized groups of water molecules are generally better absorbed at a cellular level, enhancing hydration and detoxification, in addition to increasing the distribution of all nutrients at a cellular level around the body.

Are There ANY Benefits to Both Alkaline or Acidic Water?

  • Alkaline water is perfect for drinking, washing vegetables, and excellent for cooking. It’s antioxidant properties promotes health.
  • Acidic water is an incredible natural cleanser.
  • The astringent components of acidic water in the four to six pH range are fantastic for cleansing and firming your skin.
  • Applied as a rinse out when washing your hair, acidic water supports the scalp, lessens knots and provides hair with a sparkling shine. It can also help the skin and hair of animals.
  • In greater concentrations, acidic water has powerful disinfecting compounds and may also be utilized to clean throughout the house. Great for cleaning tooth brushes, hands and very effective as a mouth wash!!!

Water Ionizer: Clean and Ionize Your Drinking Water For Better Health?

Crazy as it sounds!Who would have thought that a water ionizer could have such far-reaching health benefits? I think it goes without saying… Water is not just water! Water is quite clearly a life saving component and a major player in our overall well-being. “Something that we should NOT take for granted”.

How cool would it be to only ever clean the house using just water? No Harmful detergents ever needed! A nice, clean living environment for the whole Family.

Water Ionizer‘s deliver the pure and natural water our bodies need The human body is like an engine, if you put toxic oil in it, it won’t run well. Put high quality oil in it… runs like a dream!

You, Your Family deserve the purest and most healthy water. Water Ionizer‘s are most definitely the solution to our ever-growing healthy water problem. Never again have the worry about what is coming out of your tap? Water Ionizer’s give you peace of mind… Peace of mind the water that you and your family are drinking, is nothing short of healthy water. The Purest this beautiful world has to offer…

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