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Water Quality Issues In The United States

  Is our drinking water really safe? Many people today in the United States are greatly concerned about the  quality of there drinking water and if it is  really safe and healthy for them.  This article on water quality and water safety its research in various states I found to be very eye opening and informative.  The link will send you to the full article here at: […]


New York State’s Water Quality

Because NYC’s water supply is unfiltered, an aggressive program of watershed protection is essential to protect it at its source. The continued quality of the city’s premier drinking water depends on ensuring that the watersheds remain unpolluted and that the water infrastructure is sound. The greatest threats to the NYC watershed are sprawl, aging infrastructure […]


Kangen Water Helps Arthritis Pain

The Pain of Arthritis Can Be Reduced with the Amazing Kangen Water Kangen Water is amazing and very healthy for us to drink. It is even able to help the symptoms of arthritis. Please visit our Enagic site for more information at


Kangen Water Changes Lives

Changing the Water You Drink Can Have Great Results Even though tap water is usually neutral on the PH scale, water that we drink should be alkaline. Water sold in water bottles are acidic as well. The acid in the water is unhealthy for humans to intake. Whereas drinking Kangen Water has positive results. It […]


Kangen Water Vs. Bottled Water

Why Kangen Water Is Better For You Than Bottled Water Kangen Water is not only better for your body than any other type of water, but it is also a lot cheaper over time than if you always buy bottled water. Up front, the Kangen Water machine might be more expensive than buying a case […]

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