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Enagic Plate Size Comparison

Ionizer Plate Size Makes All The Difference Visit to see all the Enagic Product specifications.


Blood Test With Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water

Blood Test After Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water Red blood cells that have lost their electric charge stick together. This condition is associated with heart disease and other conditions. 12 minutes after drinking structured water (ionized), another blood sample is drawn. The cells become buoyant and slippery and have their electrical charge so they repel each […]


Introducing 9.5 pH Kangen Water

9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Water See the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer SD501 is Enagic’s flagship model. Makes highly purified, alkaline antioxidant water… delicious drinking water. The Kangen machine produces five types of water. The 9.5 water is loaded with antioxidants. Compare the pH of various waters and you will see that nearly all common […]


Enagic Kangen Water® India

Announcing: Enagic Kangen Water® India If you live in India, Enagic has some really great news for you! Enagic, the worldwide leader in Water Ionizer technology, now has a regional office in India Until now, people living in India who wanted to purchase Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionizers, had to import their water ionizer machines from outside […]


Healthy Lifestyle For The New Year? Water is the fountain of Youth.

Your body is water: We are made up of approximately 70-75% water. To function well our bodily systems require quality hydration. In order to keep us at peak performance, which means removing pollutants and contaminants. A very narrow pH level must be maintained, as well as proper minerals and nutrition to fuel our cellular activity. […]


A Fresh Healthy Start with Alkaline Water

A new beginning… I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. I lift weights, run, play sports, you name it. However my eating habits have not been the best. I have tried everything from limiting my intake of fried foods, health juices to protein shakes. I found it difficult to maintain and not to […]


Renowned MD and innovator recommends Alkaline water

Dr. Shinya and Colonoscopy Dr. Hiromi Shinya co-inventor of the colonoscopy and of the “Shinya Technique“, a revolutionary, first of it’s kind non-invasive colonoscopy surgical procedure, which is now the standard of care for the removal of polyps during a colonscopy. Has spent his career innovating, pioneering and assisting the medical community in making a […]


Comparing Kangen Water Ionizer Models | Enagic SD501

Comparison of Enagic SD501 and LeveLuk K8 Models   The best possible water we can drink to achieve and maintain good health is alkaline water made by a Kangen Water® ionizer. Did you know that of all the different brands of water ionizers, only one has qualified for the prestigious gold seal certification by the […]


What is the Best Home Water Purification System?

The Enagic LeveLuk K8 Kangen Water Ionizer is the Best Home Water Purification System If you are looking for the best possible home water purification system, Enagic just announced their Kangen 8 water purifier. This powerful water ionizer purifies water with filtration, and then provides a powerful ionization with its amazing EIGHT anti-oxidizing platinum-dipped titanium […]


Kangen Water Helps Arthritis Pain

The Pain of Arthritis Can Be Reduced with the Amazing Kangen Water Kangen Water is amazing and very healthy for us to drink. It is even able to help the symptoms of arthritis. Please visit our Enagic site for more information at

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