Blood Test With Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water

Blood Test After Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water

Red blood cells that have lost their electric charge stick together. This condition is associated with heart disease and other conditions.

12 minutes after drinking structured water (ionized), another blood sample is drawn.

The cells become buoyant and slippery and have their electrical charge so they repel each other. This means they can carry oxygen and the pH of the blood becomes aerobic instead of anaerobic.

Introducing 9.5 pH Kangen Water

9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Water

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SD501 is Enagic’s flagship model.

Makes highly purified, alkaline antioxidant water… delicious drinking water.

The Kangen machine produces five types of water.

The 9.5 water is loaded with antioxidants.

Compare the pH of various waters and you will see that nearly all common drinkings are acidic and have a positive oxidizing quality.

Enagic Kangen Water is a healthy alkaline pH and has a strong negative oxidizing property, making the water an excellent antioxidant.

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Enagic Kangen Water® India

Announcing: Enagic Kangen Water® India

Enagic comes to India

If you live in India, Enagic has some really great news for you!

Enagic, the worldwide leader in Water Ionizer technology, now has a regional office in India

Until now, people living in India who wanted to purchase Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionizers, had to import their water ionizer machines from outside of India.  Now, Enagic has an official regional office that will supply all of India directly with Enagic products.

Serving KERALA, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderbad, and everywhere else in India!

India Country Map with New Delhi Mumbai Hyderbad Bengaluru Chennai

No matter where in India you live, you can now easily obtain Kangen Water® Ionizers directly from Enagic.  However, you will need to submit your Enagic order through an authorized Enagic Distributor.

Your Enagic Distributor in India is:

Thomas Abraham, New Delhi, India
Thomas P Abraham
+91 8860073342
Enagic Distributor ID #3501650

To inquire or purchase Enagic products, submit your inquiry at our contact page:


Your inquiry will immediately be received by Thomas, and we will promply respond to answer your questions, assist you in learning about Enagic and Kangen Water®, and we can assist you in your purchase.

Join our Team!

Because we are expanding Enagic rapidly in India, we are also looking for motivated entrepreneurs to help us bring this remarkable Kangen Water product line to the people of India. Please inquire for information.

Enagic India Kangen Water® Presentation

Enagic India Compensation Presentation

Learn about Enagic’s Ionized Alkaline Water Systems:

See all the Enagic Water Machines at our India Enagic Website…

Healthy Lifestyle For The New Year? Water is the fountain of Youth.

Your body is water:

We are made up of approximately 70-75% water. To function well our bodily systems require quality hydration. In order to keep us at peak performance, which means removing pollutants and contaminants. A very narrow pH level must be maintained, as well as proper minerals and nutrition to fuel our cellular activity.

What is unfortunate is that the water supply we depend on is becoming more and more polluted daily. These pollutants consist of sewage, agricultural run-off, pharmacological agents, and Chlorine, Fluoride, and lye. The last 3 come from your municipal water supply generally speaking.   kangen

Thankfully, Enagic “Kangen Water”: Is healthy water that has been filtered of all contaminants and pollutants found in ordinary tap water. Enagic’s technology ensures that the necessary minerals are left in tact. Kangen Water has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment which is also highly antioxidant. This happens when the water is electrolyzed.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water: The process of electrolysis uses high amounts of energy to change the chemical structure. Specifically 3 things are accomplished during this process. 1) The splitting of water into hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions (pH). 2) ORP generation of free electrons associating with hydrogen ions to form”Active Hydrogen”. 3) Microclustering reduction in the nuclear magnetic resonance energy of the H2O molecule. What is produced from a very simple stand point is Active Hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, resulting in an electron-donating, alkaline solution, from the cathode. Then Active Oxygen and hydrogen ions resulting in an oxidizing, acidic solution from the anode. Two separate waters emerge from two separate hoses.

Alkaline Water is Micro-clustered into groups of 5 to 8 molecules per cluster

Alkaline water: Is rich in antioxidants (from Active Hydrogen) which is intended for internal use to support cellular healing, specifically by hydrating the cells, and alkalizing which neutralizes free radicals which are harmful to us.

ph water balance

Acidic water: Is rich in oxidizing agents (from Active Oxygen) an is ideal for topical use only. Highly bactericidal due to it’s low pH and oxidizing effect on the infectious disease process.

pH range = 0 to 14 : The zero end being Acidic, and the higher end being Alkaline.

pH  7.0 is neutral, equal (H+) & (OH+) ions.

pH  2.5 is very Acidic, many (H+) ions.

pH  11.5 is very Alkaline, may (OH+) ions.

In essence the Electrolysis process creates an electric field inside the cell which serves as a rich source of antioxidants that again reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, there by helping to restore the health and balance of the cell…

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More information can be found at:

Google Scholar “Electrolyzed reduced water”. “Confessions of a Skeptical Physician” By Tim McKnight M.D.