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Dr. Horst on Cancer – Kangen Water Questions and Answers

Cancer Q&A Dr. Horst Answers Questions This is a great video of Dr. Horst talking about Kangen Water and ansering questions about cancer. As always, please visit our Enagic website for information about our Kangen Water Ionizers…


Welcome Dave with Tacoma Kangen Water

Do you live in Tacoma? Kangen Water is everywhere.  Especially in Tacoma. David Parton is your Enagic Kangen Water Independent Distributor, serving the Tacoma Pierce County and Seattle King County Washington areas. David and Maycecile Parton Visit Dave’s Enagic website to learn about Kangen Water and the amazing SD501 Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer… David […]


Enagic Kangen Water Exposed

What is different about Kangen Water ™? What is different about Enagic than all the other water ionizer companies? Mike Petrucelli explains… Mike lays out the truth about why Enagic Kangen Water machines make the best ionized water, and shows exactly how we can prove it!


Doctor Explains How Kangen Water Works Better than Other Water Ionizers

Why Does Kangen Water ™ Work so Well? Explanation by Dr. Dave Carpenter Dr. Carpenter describes his experience trying seven different brands of water ionizers before trying the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer.  Once he tried the Enagic SD501, his patients starting having great results.


Dr Michael Explains Kangen Water

Why the SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer Works So Well Kangen Water video by Dr Michael Dr. Michael explains the science behind the high quality Ionized Water produced by the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer. Many people think they can save money and get a cheap ionizer with a lower wattage, SMP power, or small plates, […]


Kangen Water Hartford Connecticut

Enagic Kangen Water Hartford Connecticut In Home Demonstrations of Enagic Water Ionizer Machines Enagic, the world’s leading manufacturer of home and commercial water ionizer equipment, has offices that ship Kangen Water systems to locations throughout the state of Connecticut, including to Hartford and the surrounding communities such as West Hartford, East Hartford, Bloomfield, Manchester, Glastonbury, […]


Enagic Kangen Water Distributor in Ohio

Ohio Enagic Distributor of Kangen Water ™ Introducing Brooks Imlay, an Enagic Distributor serving the Akron Ohio and Tallmadge Ohio area If you are looking for an Enagic Distributor in the Midwest, especially in Ohio, contact Brooks Imlay and he will assist you in selecting your Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer machine. Contact Brooks at 330-858-4584.


Kangen Water Distributors HydrationFormation

Looking for an Enagic Distributor? Visit to make contact with Jesse and Sarah who are Enagic Kangen Water ™ distributors.  They will be glad to assist you with information about the Enagic Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines, or to assist you in ordering one of the Kangen Water ™ Ionizers for your home. Jesse and […]


Kangen Water is an Affordable Home Water Purification Solution

Kangen Water ™ is Affordable When comparing water purification options for your home, consider the impact to your family budget. Kangen Water is much less expensive than bottled water Not only is Kangen Water delicious, but it is far more affordable than bottled water. Visit our Enagic Kangen Water ™ website for a cost analysis […]


Dr. Dave Carpenter Describes Kangen Water

Dr. Dave Carpenter Talks About Kangen Water ™ What does a doctor say about Kangen Water?  Dr. Carpenter has a lot of experience with Kangen Water.  Hear what he has to say… Key points include the following… An Enagic Water generator micro-clusters water Kangen Water hydrates better Slows down the aging process Kangen Water helps […]

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