Water Purification While Outdoors and Camping

Following are excerpts from a couple Water Purification articles with information you will find useful if you enjoy camping and wilderness outings.


Whether you are into backpacking and camping or you want to harvest rainwater as a way to go green, water purification tablets can be used to ensure the safety of the water you drink. In days gone by, streams and other waterways were considered safe to drink from. But nowadays, most water is contaminated with various types of pollutants.

Even rainwater must be carefully collected, stored in good quality water tanks, and treated to ensure it is safe for human consumption. In fact, there is much to know and learn about safe rain harvest systems and related concepts.

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Is this water pure enough to drink?

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Chemical Disinfection of Water

Although there are various ways to disinfect water in order to make it safe for consumption, chemical disinfection is considered one of the most reliable methods. This can be as simple as adding crystallized iodine to water or as complicated as using kits that require the use of up to three or more different pills or solutions.

The process can be simplified by purchasing water purification tablets. Choosing tablets that have a stellar online reputation will help ensure the quality of the product. Plus, in checking on the product’s reputation, you will have an opportunity to read reviews provided by people who have used the tablets. This is a great way to learn unique details about the product.

Top Tablets

Below is a list of the top three water purification tablets on the market.

Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets

Aquamira tablets come in a resealable pouch that makes storage easy. Each foil-wrapped tablet can purify up to 32 ounces (one liter) of water. However, be aware that some Amazon reviews say this product leaves a ‘taste of chlorine.’

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets

Katadyn purification tablets are effective against cysts, viruses, and bacteria. Chlorine dioxide is used to purify water – water supplies to most cities use this type of chlorine. One tablet purifies up to a full quart of water.

Rothco Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

Rothco Potable tablets use iodine to purify water. Two tablets can purify up to one full quart of water. According to reviews, most people prefer purification that uses the chlorine method.

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Drinking water should look clear & refreshing and should taste good.

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Other Methods of Purification

As mentioned, when it comes to water purification, safety is always the top priority. With that in mind, there are other methods that can be used to purify water in the outdoors. This includes boiling water and the use of various types of filters.

Some people prefer to use combinations of these techniques. For instance, water may be boiled and then filtered. Or it could be filtered and then purified with water purification tablets.

Planning Ahead For Safety

Staying hydrated is essential, but using outdoor water sources safely does require a little know-how and the right resources. Planning ahead is important. Water purification tablets are an easy to pack and carry accessory that can make outdoor water safe. […]

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More Outdoor Water Purification Information

Water Purifying in the Wilderness

Camping season is just around the corner, and whether you need survival tips or just enjoy camping here is some information to help you along your way. While we can survive for weeks without food, our bodies can only survive for a couple of days without water. Needless to say, it is extremely important to make sure you have enough drinking water or steady access to water while you are in the wilderness. Drinking untreated water can lead to very serious illness and sometimes death! Although much of the natural water in Montana is clean and most likely just fine to drink, harmful bacteria and viruses are often times in naturally occurring water. So what can you do to make it safe to drink?


A very simple, yet effective way to purify water is to boil it. This will rid the water of viruses or bacteria that may exist and make it safe from diseases such as Hepatitis, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Dysentery. Boiling water should be performed for a minimum of five minutes, which helps to ensure that the pathogens in the water are killed.

Purification by Chemicals

Certain chemicals such as iodine, chlorine, halazone, and permanganate all can be picked up in liquid or tablet form at a local pharmacy. Bleach can also help if you are in a pinch, and even a few drips of regular household bleach per quart of water may be effective. Do not use color safe bleach and make sure it is less than a year old.

Water Purifying Filters

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Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water

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