alkaline water machines

The regular water at home might be termed as “pure”, but in reality it has a different story behind it. The truth is that this water when treated at a water treatment plant, undergoes the treatment process by introducing certain chemicals like chlorine in it. Due to this, the water can prove to give long term side effects like premature aging, degradation in the immune system, etc.

A solution for this problem is present in the form of alkaline water produced by an alkaline water machine. This machine’s basic purpose is to take in regular water, alter the structure and give our pure and ionized water. In short, what is done is that the molecules of water are broken down into ions and thereby converted into alkaline form. This form is much more healthier than regular water.

The Inside Process

The alkaline water machine is a water ionizer that is used to pass an electric charge through it in order to bring in some alternating changes to the structure of H2O. Once this is done, we are left with water in two varieties, alkaline and acidic. The alkaline water consists of certain antioxidants which are beneficial for the body as they have certain disease fighting properties. These counteract the free radicals thereby freeing the body from toxins.

The Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits that come as a package deal with an alkaline water machine. The alkaline water is mostly responsible for making the body “ecosystem” basic in nature which otherwise could tend to be towards being acidic.

From helping to fight against diabetes and cancer to stopping premature aging, from strengthening the immune system to proving relief from arthritis, it has multiple utilities.

Finding the Finest

There are two most important factors that must be taken in consideration while selecting the best alkaline water machine.

ORP The Oxidation Reduction Potential is the measure of the potential of a water ionizer to reduce the oxidation process in water. More negative the ORP, better is the machine.

pH A machine giving out water in alkaline or basic nature is the one which should be preferred. This would mean that the pH rating of an optimum machine must be around 7.4 where 0 is highly acidic and 10 is highly alkaline.

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