Why Are Antioxidants So Important?

dnaYou may have heard words like “free radical” and “antioxidant” thrown around over the years, but do you really understand what these things are and why we seem to care so much about them? After all, we can tell you that our alkaline water system creates antioxidant-rich drinking water for our customers, but this won’t mean anything to you if you don’t understand the importance of antioxidants. Keep reading to learn about antioxidants and why they’re so important.

What Is a Free Radical?

In order to really understand antioxidants, you must first understand what a free radical is. When oxygen interacts incorrectly with certain types of molecules (when there is a disruption in the oxidation process), an atom or group of atoms may be left with an unpaired electron. This means that the atom, or free radical, is very reactive (missing an electron), causing it to attack and steal an electron from the closest molecule, leaving that molecule a new free radical and causing a chain reaction that can damage cells, DNA, and more. The body has natural antioxidant defenses against damaging free radicals, but free radical production can progress beyond the body’s ability to defend against them, a condition called Oxidative Stress.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals using two methods. The first involves filling the space left by the free radical’s missing electron with one of its own, therefore stopping the chain reaction that is the formation of free radicals. The second method antioxidants use to neutralize free radicals is by simply breaking them down. Unfortunately, antioxidants come in limited supply, and the number of free radicals in our bodies can outnumber the antioxidants.

Are you concerned that you’re not getting enough antioxidants from your diet and your body’s natural antioxidant production? Enagic Kangen Water® is an alkaline water system that can provide you with antioxidant rich alkaline drinking water. Visit this page to learn more.

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