A Fresh Healthy Start with Alkaline Water

A new beginning…

Ionized Water

I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. I lift weights, run, play sports, you name it. However my eating habits have not been the best. I have tried everything from limiting my intake of fried foods, health juices to protein shakes. I found it difficult to maintain and not to mention costly. I would have never imagined that the most abundant substance on earth would meet my health needs…WATER! Not just any water but alkaline water. I recently started drinking alkaline water and I definitely feel the benefits. I have more energy throughout the day and have been going regular, if you know what I mean. My wife usually has a hard time getting out of bed but now wakes up with energy. Also her hands and feet used to be swollen every morning especially when eating salt the night before. Now her hands and feet are normal in the morning. Both our skin feel and look smoother. It’s amazing what this healthy water can do!

What is this wonder water?

What’s in this water? How does it produce these benefits? First let me explain what is. Alkaline water is water that has a ph level of more than 7. Ph level 7 is neutral which is found usually in tap water. Ph level less than 7 is considered acidic which is not good for the body. Surprisingly you’ll find acidic water in bottled water. Yes, the water you actually spend your money on. Alkaline water contains healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium while ridding unhealthy minerals like fluoride, sulfides, nitrates, and harmful toxins. Alkaline water can be up to 6 times as hydrating as tap and bottled water. It has been tested and known to assist with lowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, headaches, weight loss, and so much more. By the way, this healthy water also tastes great!

Where can I get this power water?

There is good news. You can get an unlimited supply of alkaline water right from your own home! Alkaline water is made from an ionizer machine or water ionizer. A water ionizer performs 2 functions, filtering and ionizing. The filter process separates or filters harmful metals and waste such as bacteria, lead, viruses, pesticides and more. This leaves clean mineral rich water to be ionized. The ionizing process splits the water which leaves all of the beneficial minerals in the alkaline water while disposing the other minerals in the acidic water which can be used to clean foods and disinfect countertops, etc. You can have your very own water ionizer and have unlimited supply of great tasting healthy water with great benefits. However beware of less quality ionizers. I recommend any ionizer machine by Kangen. For more information and contact click here >>>> www.urnbiz.com/powerwater

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