What Doctors are Saying about Kangen Water ™

Kangen Water ™ – from a Doctors Perspective

With something as exciting as Ionized, Alkaline Kangen Water ™, and people are talking about it all over the planet, it is good to also hear health professionals provide a rationale for such a great product.

Kangen Water ™ is alkaline, ranging in pH from 8.0 to 9.5.

Listen to these doctors share their perspective about Kangen Water which is a trademark of Enagic.

Here’s some highlights to watch for in the video…

  • Many processes in our bodies produce free radicals which are entities that are positively charged because they have lost an electron
  • These free radicals will attack our cells and produce injury that creates a response of the body to try to repair the damage
  • Acid reflux is a huge issue in the population
  • Treating chronic disease with medication is managing the disease – not attacking the root cause which is oxidative stress
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential of Kangen Water is gigantic – about 30 times greater than the antioxidant value of green tea
  • You could not eat enough fruits and vegetables to acquire the amount of antioxidants as Kangen Water provides
  • “Above all do no harm” – key principle to follow – why helping with Alkaline Water makes sense
  • Look at Japan – has the highest consumption of water ionization in the world, and Japan is #1 in longevity – U.S. is #38, below Cuba
  • Important to support ourselves in healing process by eating natural foods, drinking the right type of water, managing express, getting plenty of exercise, and getting plenty of oxygen to our lungs

Water Ionizer Information

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Kangen Water (tm) made with Enagic Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to prescribe or treat medical conditions, and this information is not approved by the FDA or AMA. It represents the views expressed by those speaking in the video about Kangen Water.

How to Order an Enagic Kangen Water ™ Ionizer

Order an Enagic Kangen Water ™ Ionizer

This video shows how to buy an Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer, or any of the Enagic Water Ionizers.

Kangen Water ™ Ionizers Ordering Process

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water



Kangen Water ™ Looks Like This…

Kangen Water ™ is Highly Oxygenated

Not only is Kangen Water ™ purified, ionized, alkaline and very delicious, but it even LOOKS healthy!

Kangen Water ™ 9.5 pH is loaded with all kinds of tiny bubbles.  It is healthy water, and it has a strong negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which slows down the rate of oxidation.

When looking for an alkaline drinking water machine, Kangen Water ™ is the way to go because it provides a strong negative ORP.

Kangen Water ™ is made using an Enagic Water Ionizer machine such as the LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer machine.

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water

What does Kangen Water ™ Look Like When Made From the Enagic SD501?

What does Kangen Water ™ look like?

Watch this video to see what Kangen Water ™ looks like when it is made using the Enagic LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer machine.

Kangen Water ™ is highly ionized

When the SD501 produces Kangen Water ™, it is ionized, with many of the H2O molecules having been split apart into OH- and H+ ions.

Kangen Water ™ is highly oxygenated

In the video you will see that there are a gazillion tiny bubbles swirling around in the glass.  These indicate the water is highly oxygenated, and are an indication of the water’s strong antioxidant property as a result of the strong negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).


Bob and Laurel Hilke – Independent Enagic Distributors

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water


What is Alkaline Kangen Water ™?

Kangen Water is Alkaline Ionized Water made with an Enagic (r) Water Ionizer

Watch this video for an explanation for how Water Ionization and Alkaline Water help the body function at its highest level.

Drinking Ionized Kangen Water ™ provides alkaline pH in your diet

This video includes the following information…

  • How pure and refreshing water was pursued
  • Scientists conducted tests on places where water was said to have beneficial properties
  • The scientists discovered the water in these places had alkaline pH and was highly ionized
  • About 40 years ago, Russian scientists devised a simple process to ionize water to run ordinary water through magnetically charged plates to separate water into two streams… one alkaline and one acidic
  • Today, the ionization process has been advanced and improved improved
  • Now, with ionization, simple tap water can be transformed into living energized water
  • Some scientists suspect the accumulation of acidic waste that triggers aging and disease
  • Dr. Robert O. Young describes his theory how over acidification of the blood leads to disease
  • Dr. Young also describes the relation between acidic pH and obesity
  • Alkaline Ionized Water is a powerful antioxidant as a free radical scavenger
  • Alkaline Water is more easily absorbed for hydration because the water is micro clustered
  • Dr. Nancy McClellan describes the micro clustering property of Alkaline Ionized water – the size of the water clusters are cut in half
  • Alkaline Ionized Water is oxygen saturated
  • Rich source of alkaline minerals is important for maintaining good health such as magnesium and potassium
  • Dr. Young describes what he believes is the one thing that can be done to have better health…  start drinking alkaline ionized water to start putting in electron rich alkaline water to neutralize the acids in the diet to maintain that alkaline design

Kangen Water ™ is Alkaline Ionized Water

I invite you to drink delicious Kangen Water ™ – visit our websites for more information:

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water


What is the Right pH Water Balance?

pH Water Balance? Alkaline – Acidic Water Uses…

ph water balance

The pH level of your drinking water shows how acidic it is. pH represents “potentialhydrogen,” making reference to the volume of hydrogen blended with the water. pH is calculated on a scale that runs from zero-fourteen. Seven is neutral, indicating there is no acid or alkalinity present. A measurement beneath seven indicates acid is present and a measurement above seven indicates alkalinity.

The standard range regarding pH water balance in ground water lays between 6 and 8.5. In contrast vinegar measures 3 pH, beer measures between 4 and 5, whilst whole milk measures approximately 6.4 pH.

Drinking water that has a low pH water balance is usually acidic, soft and corrosive. This kind of water can leach metals from pipes and fittings, for example copper, iron, lead, manganese and zinc. Alarmingly! Some of these chemicals have been linked to some very serious illnesses including cancer, birth defects, neurological disorders and a host of other afflictions.

However, water containing increased amounts of toxic metals can also show a low pH level. For instance, tap water with a pH level above 8.5 might suggest that the water is hard. Hard water alone does not pose any kind of major health risk, provided that the amount of toxic chemicals are filtered to a safe level.

Tell tale signs of poorly filtered water can be very easy to detect, either through taste, texture or even through the performance of plumbing appliances! Poorly filtered water makes coffee taste bitter, scale on pipes and fixtures can often lead to lower water pressure and surprisingly, difficulty in getting soap and detergent to foam is another sign!


What Is The Right Ph Water Balance in Drinking Water?

Drinking water that has a pH level higher than seven is known as alkaline water which, when drunk everyday, is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Enhancing the body’s anti-oxidant levels has long been linked with greater levels of energy, anti-aging effects and disease inhibiting properties from stomach problems and arteriosclerosis to diabetic issues and in many cases cancer.


Ph Water Balance? Alkaline Water…

Ionized drinking water is the solution: it is molecularly smaller, it is actually absorbed faster by the cells within our bodies enabling us to dehydrate and/or detox our bodies much faster and more proficiently than with non-ionized standard tap or bottled water.

Cooking with alkaline water dramatically improves the flavor of vegetables, rice, pastas, soups and teas.

Higher Alkaline water levels (pH of ten or more) are brilliant for thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables to remove harmful bacteria and pesticides. Fantastic for removing stains such as: coffee, oil, grass and other stubborn stains; and dramatically enhances kitchen, bath and other household cleaning chores.


Ph Water Balance? Acidic Water…

Water that has a pH level lower than seven is referred to as acidic water.  Due to the fact your skin and hair are usually acidic, when Acidic Ionized Water is used topically to the skin, it exfoliates extracting the dead skin cells whilst tightening and firming , thus helping with wrinkles and fine lines.

Here another fact! Acidic water eliminates surface bacteria on the skin, it may also help battle acne and blemishes without the need of harmful chemical remedies.  Washing and rinsing your hair with acidic water also improves shine, manageability and reduces damage

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Healthy Water – The Truth About Scare Mongering & Money?

Healthy Water – Water is Water, Right?


Is water just water or are we being taken for a ride down that never-ending stream of tactical marketing and sold a myth to exploit and scare monger more money out of our already deepened pockets? Crazy debate! But who’d of thought that we as human beings would be debating the subject of water or rather…

is there a difference between water and healthy water?

Does it really matter?

Is it really that important? Surely its a simple open and closed debate. When we’re thirsty we drink water and when we drink water it hydrates our body…. Case closed!

Or is it?

Is it really that simple?


Healthy Water: Do You Really Need it?

Let’s take a look at the “facts” surrounding healthy water, then you can decide for yourself of its importance.

(Where do we start with the healthy water debate!)

Probably the best place to start would be you, your body (what essentially the human body consists of) and of course your body’s water or healthy water! requirements? .


Do you know what comprises 70% of every human beings body, 75% of our brain and heart, 86% of our lungs and liver and flows through every artery and vain in our body?

I knew you’d get it! The very substance that we take for granted, “Water”.

So beside the fact that water makes up 70% of our body and is undoubtedly the key to all our bodily functions. Did you also know that EVERY living cell in our body depends on water, how crazy is that? So given those facts, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise to learn that the human body requires (drinks) 250 gallons of water every single year…

That’s the equivalent to one ton of water circulating and filtering through your body, every minute, of every hour, of everyday! I think It’s fair to say “Healthy water is extremely critical to our overall health and vitality especially when its YOU that’s filtering the water!

So does it really matter if we just drink water, tap or bottled or do we honestly need to take it one step further and ensure our water is healthy water, free from chemicals & toxins? After all it is one of the main components that keeps us alive.

There’s no doubt about it, Water undoubtedly plays a MAJOR role in our overall well-being so lets now investigate the source of our water and determine if the water you are drinking is considered to be healthy water?


Healthy Water or Not? The Source…

Here’s some facts on our water but more importantly the source and it’s quality:

The main source of our water comes from our lakes, rivers and streams. As natural and healthy as this may appear, the reality is somewhat detached and for obvious reasons. Pollutions have been flowing in to our natural water resources for centuries. Right back to the industrial age our lakes, rivers and streams have been a constant outlet for dumping chemicals, toxins and industrial waste.

But the BIGGEST problem? It can NEVER be reversed! (The damage has been done)

These natural resources we depend on so much for our source of healthy water. Have in fact been scientifically proven beyond any doubt to be contaminated with hundreds, if not thousands of chemicals, most of which are harmful to the human body.

The Saddest Part…

Some of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, neurological disorders and a host of other afflictions. Governments throughout the world have tried to tackle the problem (half heartily to say the least) by adding chlorine to our water, Whilst chlorine is quite effective for killing harmful bacteria, it does NOT remove the bacteria.

The evidence is sadly shocking and overwhelming but one thing is for certain, there is a problem with our so-called healthy water. Maybe now you can understand that there is no scare mongering or tactical marketing going on. The facts speak for themselves and the bottom line is that our natural water resources which we consider to be healthy water, could not be any further from the truth.

Water can no longer be considered as just water. Chemicals and toxins in any kind of capacity are harmful to the human body (no mater what way you try to look at it) but never more so when we as human beings are the filters.

Just Imagine how your body would perform if all it only ever circulated was healthy water? Our need for healthy water is not some scare mongering or marketing tactic, the need for healthy water is essential for our overall well-being.

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Water Ionizer “The Simple FACTS”

Water Ionizer, Pure With Far Reaching Health Benefits?

Initially created in the 1950’s, water ionizers work with an electric-powered charge to separate normal water into alkaline water (pH balance grater than Seven) and acidic water (pH balance below Seven). The greater the pH level in YOUR drinking water, the MORE efficient it is at preventing the harmful effects of acids within the human body.

What is Electrolysis?

  • Water ionizers manage-already filtered water to eradicate contaminants over negative and positive electrodes within a process generally known as electrolysis.
  • The electrodes ionize the water, negative and positive, producing acidic and alkaline water simultaneously.
  • Acidic water is separated straight into one holding chamber whilst alkaline water is separated into a second chamber.

Micro-Clustering… In Layman’s Term!

  • Water molecules generally gather in groups of around sixteen molecules.
  • Water ionizers splits larger water molecule groups away from each other, producing smaller sized groups of five to six molecules.
  • Smaller sized groups of water molecules are generally better absorbed at a cellular level, enhancing hydration and detoxification, in addition to increasing the distribution of all nutrients at a cellular level around the body.

Are There ANY Benefits to Both Alkaline or Acidic Water?

  • Alkaline water is perfect for drinking, washing vegetables, and excellent for cooking. It’s antioxidant properties promotes health.
  • Acidic water is an incredible natural cleanser.
  • The astringent components of acidic water in the four to six pH range are fantastic for cleansing and firming your skin.
  • Applied as a rinse out when washing your hair, acidic water supports the scalp, lessens knots and provides hair with a sparkling shine. It can also help the skin and hair of animals.
  • In greater concentrations, acidic water has powerful disinfecting compounds and may also be utilized to clean throughout the house. Great for cleaning tooth brushes, hands and very effective as a mouth wash!!!

Water Ionizer: Clean and Ionize Your Drinking Water For Better Health?

Crazy as it sounds!Who would have thought that a water ionizer could have such far-reaching health benefits? I think it goes without saying… Water is not just water! Water is quite clearly a life saving component and a major player in our overall well-being. “Something that we should NOT take for granted”.

How cool would it be to only ever clean the house using just water? No Harmful detergents ever needed! A nice, clean living environment for the whole Family.

Water Ionizer‘s deliver the pure and natural water our bodies need The human body is like an engine, if you put toxic oil in it, it won’t run well. Put high quality oil in it… runs like a dream!

You, Your Family deserve the purest and most healthy water. Water Ionizer‘s are most definitely the solution to our ever-growing healthy water problem. Never again have the worry about what is coming out of your tap? Water Ionizer’s give you peace of mind… Peace of mind the water that you and your family are drinking, is nothing short of healthy water. The Purest this beautiful world has to offer…

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Alkaline Water – the Natural Miracle

Alkaline Water: The Natural Miracle Video

Enjoy this 7 minute video describing how scientists searched for properties of healing waters and made an important discovery.  The properties of these waters tended to be very alkaline in pH and highly ionized.

Alkaline Water is what the Scientists Discovered

Russian scientists ran ordinary water through magnetically charged plates and devised a method to divide water into two streams: one Alkaline and the other Acidic.  The result includes Alkaline Ionized water.

Ionized Alkaline Water is a strong source of Antioxidants

Doctor Nancy McClellan says nothing is more powerful for antioxidants than Ionized alkaline water.

The alkaline water is restructured during electrolysis, improving water hydration.

Ionized Alkaline Water is reduced from groupings of 11 to 16 molecules per cluster down to groupings of 5 to 8 molecules per cluster, thus making the water penetrate cell membranes easier.

Alkaline Water is Micro-clustered into groups of 5 to 8 molecules per cluster

Ionized Alkaline Water is Micro-Clustered

This is called “micro-clustering”, and enables the water to do its job better, getting nutrients into cells and toxins out.

Dr. Robert Young states that drinking Alkaline Water helps provide extra oxygenation indirectly in the body.

Alkaline Water provides a rich source of alkaline minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, and helps the body achieve a better pH balance.

Ionized Water is great for Hydration

Alkaline Water helps the body hydrate better.

World Class Bodybuilder Wade Lightheart Discusses Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water used by Wade Lightheart – World Class Bodybuilder

Wade Lightheart, also known as Wade McNutt is a Raw Vegan.  He also drinks Alkaline Water that has been Ionized by a Water Ionizer.

Wade has won National titles in body building, using no chemicals and no drugs.  Wade attributes his success to his healthy diet.

Alkaline Water is part of Wade’s daily routine

He starts every day with a glass of Ionized Alkaline Water.  Wade believes the solution to pollution is dilution, so he encourages folks to drink a sufficient quantity of alkaline water.

Wade discusses how his Alkaline Water Ionizer machine makes five different types of water including for cleaning, beauty and drinking.

Wade makes antioxidant Alkaline Water

Wade shows how he gets a minus 300 ORP which is much stronger of an antioxidant than Vitamin C.

Wade has authored several books and has over 230 published articles with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

See additional information about Wade McNutt…

See additional information about the Water Ionizer Wade demonstrates in his video…

Alkaline Water Ionizer…


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