Alkaline Water Machines – Do I Need One?

Alkaline Water Machines – Do I Need One?

There are numerous articles, studies, scientific investigations on the subject of alkaline water machines and wether or not they are necessary.

So the question on wether we need alkaline water machines or not seems to be an adequate one.

What are the basic pros and cons in this matter?

How good are the alkaline water machines and if I don´t get one, can I make my own alkaline water?

But first of all, let´s just determine what alkaline water is.

What Is Alkaline Water And Why Should I Drink It?

Alkaline water is basically water that is neither acidic nor neutral on the pH scale. It´s on the alkaline side of the scale.

It´s also referred to as ionized water and has a pH of about 8. Compare this to “normal” water which is neutral and has a pH of 7 on the scale.

Why should I drink it?

Well, some believe there are immense benefits from consuming alkaline water and others say the research is yet far from conclusive.

It´s said to be of benefit because it helps neutralize the chemical imbalances of the body.

Are Alkaline Water Machines Necessary?

Alkaline water can be obtained from a number of different sources, one of them being various types of alkaline water machines.

Most commonly though, is that an alkalizer is added to the tap water system, such as the kitchen sink.

From there it can easily be used for both drinking and cooking.

Another alternative is to buy bottled alkaline water.

This may be a more expensive option over time, but is a simple way to get the product quickly.

Alkaline Water Machines – The Ionizers

After doing some research online on the topic of alkaline water machines, it seems the alkaline water ionizers are at the top of the list among the recommended alkaline water machines.

Alkaline water ionizers are, without doubt, the best, most efficient way to make alkaline water. There is obviously the up front cost of buying an ionizer but this will be worth it in the long run.

Alkaline water ionizers provide the four key benefits of alkaline water:

  1. High pH
  2. Antioxidation rich
  3. Super hydrating
  4. Filtered/purified – the in-built filter in the ionizer removes bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides

Alkaline Water Machines Vs Lemon

Is it possible to get alkaline water by simply adding a squich of lemon?

This would certainly be a lot easier and cheaper than having to buy one of many alkaline water machines.

The lemon water, despite being citric acid, has an alkalizing effect on the body because it´s a low sugar fruit rich in alkaline minerals.

It´s a great cleansing drink to start your day with. It will hydrate, stimulate your metabolism and digestive system and will get your body moving.

Note that it doesn´t replace the more sophisticated ways of getting your alkaline water, such as through good alkaline water machines.

It really is just a nice, refreshing, cleansing drink that is healthy and pleasant to drink first thing in the morning rather than hitting the coffee.

Eat Well And Skip Alkaline Water Machines?

There are studies that indicate that the only way to truly balance your body is to replenish the alkaline reserve minerals.

The recipe is to eat a lot of cooked vegetables, some mineral supplements (such as kelp) wich will supply the alkaline reserve minerals.

Good quality, natural spring water also supplies some alkaline minerals, as does good quality sea salt.

Using these on a daily basis, the body can be slowly remineralized.

This is the way to balance your body. Not by drinking artificially alkalinized water.

Alkaline water machines or a good diet – the choice is yours!

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