Chefs And Restaurateurs Cooking With Ionized Water? You Bet…

Healthy Ionized Water And Chefs

Chefs and restaurateurs throughout the United States are learning the secret to more flavorful dishes, healthier menus and saving

Ionized water:

In over 30,000 dining establishments in Japan have known for decades…Kangen Water™. Kangen Water™ is the highest quality ionized water available. It is restructured water, high in alkaline, natural anti-oxidant and micro-clustered water. It is healthy, eco-friendly water. Which is gaining popularity in the food service industry for the variety of uses it offers.

Kangen Water And Beverages?

Beverages Kangen Water™, pH of 8.5 – 9.5, can be served as drinking water to patrons instead of filtered, bottled or tap water. The micro-cluster property of the water allows it to absorb into the body much faster, eliminating the “full” feeling created by tap water. This increases the appetite, allowing more food to be consumed and increasing the amount spent per diner.

Kangen Water™ is also able to improve the quality of many other beverages. Kangen Water™ will make the color of brewed tea more vivid, it draws out the aroma of the tea, lessens the astringency & bitterness and enriches & enhances the flavor. When brewing coffee, less coffee grounds can be used, while still maintaining the same rich flavor rand strength, saving the restaurant money. Mixing Kangen Water™ with concentrated fruit juices reduces the natural acidity, extends the shelf life, increases the natural anti-oxidant properties of the juice and maximizes the full flavor of the fruit. In alcoholic beverages Kangen Water™, either added directly or used as ice, imparts a mellow and delicious taste. It also prevents many of the harsh negative physical reactions associated with drinking alcohol, by neutralizing the acid inherent in most alcoholic beverages.
In Japan, Kangen Water™ is known as the “cure for the hangover”…
Food Preparation Washing fresh fruits and vegetables with Strong Kangen Water™. With a pH of 11.5, will remove oil based harmful pesticides, and herbicides that regular tap water cannot remove. It eliminates the need for expensive “fruit & vegetable wash” solutions and it also eliminates the absorption of chlorine into the fruits and vegetables during the normal tap water cleaning process. The removal of oil based pesticides improves the flavor of the fruits and vegetables and increases the shelf life, reducing waste caused by spoilage. Rice can also be washed in the 11.5 pH water.  Strong Kangen Water™, removes dirt, harmful pesticides, Chlorine, Flouride, and medicines. Which are actually in tap water.

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