Health & Hydration Talk | kangen ionized water

Why Nutrition & Hydration Must go Hand In Hand:

Have you ever wondered  how a healthy water could improve your health, and your families. Yet been lost in the myriad of information. Here is your chance.

During this unique event, you will learn:

How Nutrient “Utilization” is much more than just nutrient consumption.

How Kangen Ionized Water and supplementation complement each other.

How – ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) from liquids differ from Antioxidants.

How Kangen Ionized Water plus proper supplementation help reduce body fat.

Why Enzymes are mandatory for overall health.

If you have ever wondered, and just wanted more understandable, Natural, and easily available information.

This is a personal invitation to a Free event in St. Charles. Il. March 4th 2:30-6:00pm.

@ Power Athletics Fitness.

The Charlestowne Mall

2nd floor Theater entrance.

Health & Hydration Talk.

For more information contact us @888-901-9144

Free E-Book available @>>>

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