Ionized Alkaline Water and Weight Loss

Water, Hydration and Cellular Health

Physiologically our bodies are comprised of trillions of cells 70% of which, are mostly water. Depending on your age, gender, and body type. Hydration is essential for a healthy body to remove waste and function at an optimum level. This is also important when optimizing your weight loss potential.

Drinking Ionized Alkaline water is imperative for maximum health and proper hydration.

Importance of Drinking Water During Weight Loss

Proper hydration actually accelerates metabolism, causing you to burn more calories. Being better hydrated also helps to boost your energy level, which actually assists in your desire to be more active and even exercise more. Dehydration is actually a key element to obesity and weight fluctuation. Water is key to all of our bodily functions. A dehydrated body is a body that is working over-time. Heart rate and kidney function is increased. After a point in time things start to shut down. This leads to an inability to burn as much stored fat. Leading to retained calories that are consumed in a day.

Alkaline Water is a Great Choice For Weight Loss

Significantly slow or imbalanced metabolic rate promotes chronic weight gain. Also when we are dehydrated the body is prone to retaining water, causing the abdomen to bloat and protrude.  Again once the body is properly hydrated by drinking Ionized Alkaline water your body will release retained water the bloat will cease, and you will feel and look 100% better.

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