Kangen Water Vs. Bottled Water

Why Kangen Water Is Better For You Than Bottled Water

Kangen Water is not only better for your body than any other type of water, but it is also a lot cheaper over time than if you always buy bottled water.

 photo cost-of-water-comparison-Kangen-alkaline-ionized-filtered-micro-clustered-water.jpg

Up front, the Kangen Water machine might be more expensive than buying a case of water, but after so many years, you’ve only spent a small sum compared to always buying cases of bottled water.

There are also many health benefits to drinking Kangen Water than bottled water. It’s ionized and alkaline, and there are many ways that you can use Kangen Water than just drinking it. Such as for cleaning, washing your face, etc.  Many bottled waters and tap water, along with other drinks, such as soda, are very acidic which is not healthy for us to drink.

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