Solving The Acid Reflux Problems In Your Life

TIP! Eat dinner about 3 hours prior to bed. By keeping your body upright after eating, your food is digested more easily.

Sleep, work, and recreation are all areas that can be negatively affected by acid reflux. Learning how overcome acid reflux can be puzzling. So, just how should you go about it? Keep reading to get great tips for eliminating acid reflux once and for all.

TIP! Stress can cause acid reflux. Stress causes the production of excess acid in the stomach, which can lead to acid reflux.

Eat dinner a minimum of three hours before bedtime. If you are sitting after a meal, gravity keeps acid down. When you lay down, the acid can rise back up. If you’re up for a couple of hours before bed, you can digest your food.

TIP! Certain foods are notorious triggers for acid reflux. Things such as fried items, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and chocolate are common things known to cause reflux.

Eliminate hot and spicy foods from your diet. These foods can worsen acid buildup in the digestive tract and worsen your symptoms. If you eliminate these foods from your diet, you should be able to reduce your symptoms.

TIP! Take note of the foods and beverages consumed immediately prior to the onset of your symptoms. Trigger foods are common, and they might be the culprit.

It’s important to remain upright when you are eating as well as up to three hours afterwards. When you recline, you are more prone to acid reflux flareups. You can find relief by remaining in a standing or seated position.

Heart Attack

TIP! Consider eliminating alcohol from your diet. Alcohol causes stomach acid to build and can also deteriorate the lining of the stomach, leading to acid reflux.

The feeling of a heart attack can be mimicked by severe reflux pain. Never ignore serious chest pains. It is a symptom of a potential heart attack. Get to the doctor pronto. You don’t need serious health issues because of a wrong self-diagnosis.

TIP! Do moderate exercise intended to keep you in an upright position. There are a number of reasons why this will assist you in dealing with acid reflux.

If you work out on a regular basis, and find that you have acid reflux, it is possible to help your condition. Increase your intake of water. Water keeps your body from becoming dehydrated, from the inside out. Also, it aids in digestion. Water will help ease the digestion process and lessen the amount of acid the stomach produces.

TIP! When you suffer from acid reflux it is always best to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Eating just a couple large meals makes it more likely that you will suffer from acid reflux symptoms.

Weight loss can help to lessen or prevent acid reflux. Obesity is one of the leading causes. By losing as little as 10 percent of your body weight, you can lessen the effects that acid reflux has on your system. You can use smaller meals to lose weight, because crash dieting is not the answer.

TIP! Moderate activity can actually help control the acid reflux. The important part is that it should be moderate exercise.

Avoid drinking alcohol if you don’t want acid reflux. Alcohol affects the stomach in two ways: it stimulates acid production in the stomach and irritates the lining, a cause of acid reflux. Therefore, when going out, use moderation when drinking alcohol.

TIP! Use slippery elm lozenges to treat your acid reflux. Your digestive tract will receive a protective coating from the slippery elm bark which is contained within these lozenges.

If you’re pregnant, the baby may be pushing on your stomach causing acid reflux. If this is your case, meet with your doctor to find out what you can do about this situation.

TIP! Learning the pH levels of food can help you treat your acid reflux. Lemons and other seemingly acidic foods become alkaline when digested.

The pH of food doesn’t mean anything when it comes to whether it forms acid or not. Acidic foods like lemons have higher alkaline properties after they’ve been digested. This can really confuse you for sure. Learn how to keep your acid reflux under control by finding out the pH of various foods you eat.

TIP! Are you aware that the tendency of food to form acid is unrelated to the pH level in food? Foods that seem acidic, such as lemons, become alkaline after digesting them. This can be confusing when you have acid reflux.

People who suffer from acid reflux can experience significant relief by chewing on cinnamon gum immediately after a meal. Chewing some gum will cause your glands to produce more saliva, which can neutralize your stomach acid. You also swallow more frequently when you chew gum. This assists in keeping acid down in the stomach, right where it should be.

TIP! Cinnamon gum can greatly help with acid reflux. Chewing gum increases saliva production, which helps neutralize your stomach acid.

While eating, drink less of your beverage. This causes excessive stress on the stomach. This can trigger your acid reflux. Try taking a few sips of water when eating, and save the full glasses for between meals.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Don’t eat in the three hours prior to going to sleep. The reason this is helpful is because your stomach is less efficient at processing food when you are unconscious.

If you have acid reflux, then you know how hard it is to eat spaghetti and pizza. When a tomato sauce is involved, consider adding some sugar to cut the acid. Although your sauce may be sweeter, it will help alleviate your acid reflux.

TIP! What is triggering your pregnancy-induced acid reflux? Small triggers, such as having a glass of water after 7 p.m.

When suffering from acid reflux during pregnancy, you must find out the specific cause. Small triggers, such as having a glass of water after 7 p.m. may be the cause. Finding your triggers can help stop the symptoms.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Change how you sleep to improve your acid reflux condition. For instance, if you sleep on your right-side, try sleeping on the left.

Visit your doctor if you see that your vomit is filled with blood. This may not be acid reflux, so you need to visit a doctor and get tested immediately. When something else is the cause, you may end acid reflux for good.

TIP! If you are plagued by stress, it is time to relax. Stress may not actually cause reflux, but it might prompt you to do things like drink and smoke, which do make acid reflux worse.

A smoothie a day keeps acid reflux away. Toss these items into your blender: an apple, a pear, a banana, a stalk of celery, lemon juice and a few leaves of romaine lettuce and spinach. This mix could help reduce constipation and tighten the esophageal sphincter. This drink is also alkaline and soothes stomach acid.

TIP! Use moderation when consuming alcohol. Alcohol can eventually deteriorate your esophageal lining.

If your reflux hits you worse at night, it might be time to examine how you sleep. Lay down on your left side and elevate your head with an additional pillow. Because of your internal anatomy, this forces the stomach acids to stay put.

TIP! Wearing clothes that are tight can definitely increase the chances of acid reflux. Avoid any outfit that constricts the stomach and pick pants that are loose if you suffer from acid reflux.

Carbonated or caffeinated beverages can cause acid reflux. Beverages such as these can end up increasing the amount of acid in your stomach. Additionally, they can irritate your stomach lining. If you’re looking for a change, try herbal tea instead.

Prescription Medication

TIP! Regular exercise is important if you suffer from frequent acid reflux. Not only is exercise good for your health in general, it also promotes a healthy digestive system.

You need to ask your doctor about medications concerning acid reflux. There are many over the counter medicines you can try, or if your heartburn is severe you can opt for prescription medication. Ask your doctor for a prescription if you think it’s necessary. Never take prescription medication that is not prescribed to you.

TIP! Incorporate vinegar from apple cider into your diet. This kind of vinegar works to regulate acid production in the body and balance the pH level effectively.

Try consuming more honey. There is no scientific study espousing its benefits, but anecdotal evidence shows honey can be a huge help. This means that it would indirectly improve your symptoms. Raw, unpasteurized honey is a much better choice than pasteurized.

TIP! Moderate the length of your exercise to stop acid reflux. You should wait two hours after a meal before starting an exercise program.

Some foods can greatly contribute to acid reflux. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, and keep things like coffee, garlic, onions, tomatoes and spicy foods to a minimum. This can help you to live a pain free life, free of acid reflux symptoms.


You’ll have an easier time controlling your acid reflux now that you’ve learned this information. This information will be very helpful as you work to rid yourself of this troublesome condition. Take the tips to heart, and move forward with your life.

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