Alkaline Water Ionizers in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Alkaline Water Ionizers

If you live in Puerto Rico and are looking for the best home water purification solution, we have the solution

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are quickly becoming popular around the world.  Water ionization became popular in Japan over the past 40 years, and now the rest of the world is learning about the benefits of water ionization for home water purification systems.

Water Ionizers Produce Purified Alkaline Drinking Water

People in Puerto Rico, like people everywhere, need to balance dietary pH intake. Far too often, we consume foods and drinks that are high in acidic pH.  Exercise contributes to acidic buildup by producing Lactic Acid.  As the body accumulates acid, it becomes important to consume an adequate quantity of alkaline pH in one’s diet.  Trying to impact your body’s pH by changing the foods you eat can produce less than desired results because of the small quantity of food you can change from acidic to alkaline relative to the order of magnitude of all you consume in your diet including the liquids you consume.  Alkaline Water Ionizers produce a significant quantity of dietary alkaline pH to effectively and easily help balance dietary pH intake.

High Quality Water Ionizers vs the “Others”

Research shows that only high quality water ionizers produce the highly energized water that retains properties long enough to produce the desired benefits in the body (see Dr. Corinne explain how only large solid plates with high wattage continuous transformer based power produce results…).

Kangen Water Machines

If you live in San Juan, Guayama, Ponce, Mayaguez, Faro De Cabo Rojo, Aguadilla, Arecibo or any other city in Puerto Rico, you should be drinking the best quality water in order to achieve the best possible health.  Ionized Water is one thing people are searching for more all the time as they learn about various water purification systems and understand how water produced by an alkaline water ionizer compares with other purified water options.

Our high quality Alkaline Water Ionizers are available in Puerto Rico.  Please contact us for a local water purification systems representative in Puerto Rico.  Consider joining our team and become one of the first distributors in Puerto Rico for our highly optimized water technology that should be found in every family’s home.

See our webinar, and contact us for further information…


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Why Kangen Water – Alkaline – Ionized – Microclustered – Hydrating

Why Should I Drink Kangen Water(tm)?

Kangen Water is Alkaline, Ionized, Micro Clustered, and Super Hydrating

In this video, Bob Hilke, Jr. explains why Kangen Water ™ is different from other water purification systems, and why you should consider it as the water purification system for your family.

Key points featured in the video include:

  • Common water purification systems have one thing in common… they all result in water with a positive ORP, or Oxidation Reduction Potential
  • Water naturally has a positive ORP
  • A positive ORP means water promotes oxidation
  • Oxidation breaks things down – for example, oxidation on metal results in rust
  • In the body, the aging process occurs because of free radicals breaking down cells and tissues – by oxidation
  • In the United States, has the water quality of our municipal water improved over the past 30 years?
  • In Japan, over the past 30+ years, a company called Enagic has been developing a remarkable water technology that will revolutionize how people think of water
  • Enagic has refined the technology to produce ionized water, mineral rich, micro clustered, with a strong negative ORP, called Kangen Water
  • Kangen Water ™ has a negative ORP which means it slows down the rate of oxidation

Bob Hilke Jr. - Nutritional Sciences Health Advocate

Kangen Water ™ is made with an Enagic Water Ionizer Machine

Because the water is made in your kitchen, from tap water, with a water ionizer machine, the price for ionized water is significantly less than bottled water and less than many other forms of water purification.

Kangen Water machines are only available from Enagic distributors.  Since we are an Enagic Distributor, you can order a water ionizer machine online through our website…

If you require help with financing or a payment plan, indicate so at the “Contact” page of our website and we will assist you with an affordable way to purchase your own water machine.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water




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What is Alkaline Kangen Water ™?

Kangen Water is Alkaline Ionized Water made with an Enagic (r) Water Ionizer

Watch this video for an explanation for how Water Ionization and Alkaline Water help the body function at its highest level.

Drinking Ionized Kangen Water ™ provides alkaline pH in your diet

This video includes the following information…

  • How pure and refreshing water was pursued
  • Scientists conducted tests on places where water was said to have beneficial properties
  • The scientists discovered the water in these places had alkaline pH and was highly ionized
  • About 40 years ago, Russian scientists devised a simple process to ionize water to run ordinary water through magnetically charged plates to separate water into two streams… one alkaline and one acidic
  • Today, the ionization process has been advanced and improved improved
  • Now, with ionization, simple tap water can be transformed into living energized water
  • Some scientists suspect the accumulation of acidic waste that triggers aging and disease
  • Dr. Robert O. Young describes his theory how over acidification of the blood leads to disease
  • Dr. Young also describes the relation between acidic pH and obesity
  • Alkaline Ionized Water is a powerful antioxidant as a free radical scavenger
  • Alkaline Water is more easily absorbed for hydration because the water is micro clustered
  • Dr. Nancy McClellan describes the micro clustering property of Alkaline Ionized water – the size of the water clusters are cut in half
  • Alkaline Ionized Water is oxygen saturated
  • Rich source of alkaline minerals is important for maintaining good health such as magnesium and potassium
  • Dr. Young describes what he believes is the one thing that can be done to have better health…  start drinking alkaline ionized water to start putting in electron rich alkaline water to neutralize the acids in the diet to maintain that alkaline design

Kangen Water ™ is Alkaline Ionized Water

I invite you to drink delicious Kangen Water ™ – visit our websites for more information:

Visit our Kangen Water ™ website to download our FREE eBook and order a FREE DVD…

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water


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Alkaline Water – the Natural Miracle

Alkaline Water: The Natural Miracle Video

Enjoy this 7 minute video describing how scientists searched for properties of healing waters and made an important discovery.  The properties of these waters tended to be very alkaline in pH and highly ionized.

Alkaline Water is what the Scientists Discovered

Russian scientists ran ordinary water through magnetically charged plates and devised a method to divide water into two streams: one Alkaline and the other Acidic.  The result includes Alkaline Ionized water.

Ionized Alkaline Water is a strong source of Antioxidants

Doctor Nancy McClellan says nothing is more powerful for antioxidants than Ionized alkaline water.

The alkaline water is restructured during electrolysis, improving water hydration.

Ionized Alkaline Water is reduced from groupings of 11 to 16 molecules per cluster down to groupings of 5 to 8 molecules per cluster, thus making the water penetrate cell membranes easier.

Alkaline Water is Micro-clustered into groups of 5 to 8 molecules per cluster

Ionized Alkaline Water is Micro-Clustered

This is called “micro-clustering”, and enables the water to do its job better, getting nutrients into cells and toxins out.

Dr. Robert Young states that drinking Alkaline Water helps provide extra oxygenation indirectly in the body.

Alkaline Water provides a rich source of alkaline minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, and helps the body achieve a better pH balance.

Ionized Water is great for Hydration

Alkaline Water helps the body hydrate better.

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