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Hypochlorous Acid: an ideal wound care agent

Wounds. 2014 Dec;26(12):342-50. Sakarya S1, Gunay N2, Karakulak M3, Ozturk B4, Ertugrul B4. “INTRODUCTION: Chronic wounds and the infections associated with them are responsible for a considerable escalation in morbidity and the cost of health care. Infection and cellular activation and the relation between cells are 2 critical factors in wound healing. Since chronic wounds […]


Bottled water woes Who’s watching our water? part 2

In addition, bottled water companies are not required to test for “Cryptosporidium,” the chlorine-resistant protozoan that infected more than 400,000 Milwaukee residents in 1993. Bottled water companies, are not under the same strict accountability standards as are required by the EPA for municipal water systems. Bottled water companies may provide a significantly lower quality standard […]


Bottled water woes who’s watching our water? part-1

Bottled water, because it is defined as a “food” under federal regulations, is under the authority if the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under much stricter standards, regulates tap water( your homes water supply). Thus, bottled water, depending upon your brand, may actually be less clean and safe than your […]



Increasing the daily water intake for the prophylactic treatment of headache: Spigt MG1, Kuijper EC, Schayck CP, Troost J, Knipschild PG, Linssen VM, Knottnerus JA. Dehydration is commonly believed to result in headache, but the effectiveness of increasing the water intake in patients who frequently suffer from headaches has not been studied thus far. In […]


Bottled water really?

Bottled water, not what you think… Are you getting the full story on bottled water? Probably not – and that could be vital to your health! Bottled water is consumed by millions each and every day and is a major global industry. The good people at Story of Stuff have actually researched the gigantic marketing […]


Kangen Water Changes Lives

Changing the Water You Drink Can Have Great Results Even though tap water is usually neutral on the PH scale, water that we drink should be alkaline. Water sold in water bottles are acidic as well. The acid in the water is unhealthy for humans to intake. Whereas drinking Kangen Water has positive results. It […]


Kangen Water Vs. Bottled Water

Why Kangen Water Is Better For You Than Bottled Water Kangen Water is not only better for your body than any other type of water, but it is also a lot cheaper over time than if you always buy bottled water. Up front, the Kangen Water machine might be more expensive than buying a case […]


Kangen Water Makes Skin More Healthy

Kevin Hart Says Drinking Kangen Water Helps His Skin Drinking water is definitely healthy for you. But drinking Kangen Water has better results than just water from the tap or a bottle. The different types of water that can be made using the Kangen Water machine can also help skin to become and look more healthy […]

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