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Ionized Water Helps The Body’s Natural Ability To Heal.

Water’s Natural Healing Ability For centuries people of the world have been traveling to specific places for the healing effects of certain water’s. In the 1950’s , scientific research was conducted in these 4 locations in the world: *Lourdes France          *Nordenau Germany          *Tiacote Mexico          *Delhi India It was discovered that the “Miracle Water’s in these […]


Water Can Help You Feel Better.

Water Can Boost Your Energy.   Do you want to feel better, boost your energy, and cleanse your body the way nature intended? If so (and you should!) you can turn to Kangen Water® from Enagic® for your detoxification and body-cleansing needs! It’s no secret that ionized alkaline water is terrific for detoxification and cleansing. […]


A Day Without Water?

No Water? Can we imagine that? Probably not – and that could be vital to your health! Bottled water is consumed by millions each and every day and is a major global industry. Literally draining the public water supply from communities. Check online for the movie “Tapped”. The good people at Story of Stuff have […]


You should be concerned about your drinking water. | tap water

Why Tap water needs to be filtered and Ionized. We should all be concerned about our tap water. Municipalities are not in the business of providing water that is actually drinkable. Primarily do to the fact it would be to expensive to provide. The water they provide is primarily for utilitary purposes. That would be […]


How about saving some $$ and protecting the environment? | water

Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Many seek out green products in an effort to reduce the impact, for now and future generations. For a family hoping to reduce its reliance on bottled water, a point-of-use or point-of-entry water treatment system may be just the ticket. Not only can these systems provide benefits […]


Fiji water: Artesian water, Enviromental Nightmare

Artesian Water? This is a very sobering thought about Bottled water… And, by the way, about half of all bottled water is tap water that has been purified. According to the National Geographic1, “Bottled water is a drain on the environment: The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most […]


ORP? Why Do I Need To Care.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP is a “potential” energy that is stored and ready to be put to work. When we use the term “potential” in describing ORP, we are actually talking about electrical potential as expressed in millivolts. This can be measured by an ORP meter. What you measure is the slight,or small voltage […]


Alkaline Water For Cooking And Personal Use

By now you understand how beneficial ionized alkaline water is for your overall health. It hydrates your body at cellular levels and gives you more energy. It boosts your immune system to fight off diseases like the common cold. It detoxes your body of acidic waste that free radicals flourish in. If filtered correctly through […]


Water Quality Issues In The United States

  Is our drinking water really safe? Many people today in the United States are greatly concerned about the  quality of there drinking water and if it is  really safe and healthy for them.  This article on water quality and water safety its research in various states I found to be very eye opening and informative.  The link will send you to the full article here at: […]


New York State’s Water Quality

Because NYC’s water supply is unfiltered, an aggressive program of watershed protection is essential to protect it at its source. The continued quality of the city’s premier drinking water depends on ensuring that the watersheds remain unpolluted and that the water infrastructure is sound. The greatest threats to the NYC watershed are sprawl, aging infrastructure […]

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