What is Kangen Water(tm)?

Ionized WaterKangen Water ™ Explained

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Enagic Kangen Water ™ background:

  • Kangen Water ™ is the registered trademark name owned by the Enagic corporation of Japan.
  • Enagic got its start as a specialty trading operation of Sony in 1974.
  • In 1987, Enagic was recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare as a medical equipment manufacturer.
  • The Japanese Association for the Prevention of Geriatric Diseases solely recommended Enagic’s LeveLuk series of Kangen Water ™ machines.
  • In 2004, Enagic began production of the LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer which to this date remains Enagic’s flagship water ionizer machine, and the industry standard for water ionizer equipment.

FREE Alkaline Water E-Book, Newsletter and DVDWhat Kangen Water ™ Is:

  • Purified by filtration to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Ionized by electrolysis to produce water highly oxygenated drinking water with OH- ions, and water with H+ ions to for other purposes such as beauty care and cleaning.
  • Micro-clustered into smaller aggregations of water molecules to produce a water that is highly hydrating and promotes detoxification at the cellular level.
  • Antioxidant for powerful free-radical scavenging to slow down the rate of oxidation and slow down aging (strong negative ORP, or Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • Alkaline drinking water to help balance dietary pH consumption.
  • Fast absorbing, resulting in less bloating when drinking water.
  • Delicious to the taste!

What does Enagic Kangen Water ™ look like?

See for yourself with this very short video…

Why do people want to drink Alkaline Water and use the other types of Ionized Water produced by the Enagic LeveLuk SD501 Water Ionizer Machine?

Our Kangen Demonstration, hosted by someone you know and trust — Pat Boone — provides the answer!

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Kangen Demo - What is Kangen Water?

This is Enagic’s LeveLuk SD501 Water Ionizer Machine which produces the Ionized Alkaline drinking water and five other types of ionized water…

LeveLuk SD501 Water Ionizer

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LeveLuk SD501 Water Ionizer

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water


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