Which Filter Removes Contaminants?

Do you want to know which water filter removes the most contaminants from your drinking water?

If so, you have come to the right place. We have done the research for you and have great information to share about water filters and finding the right water filter for your family’s needs.

Removing contamanints from your drinking water is of utmost importance. Regardless of your water source, you can assume it is contaminated with many harmful chemicals. Municipal water, well water, spring water – these days any water source contains contaminants. In recent years there have been hundreds of pollutants found in tap water within the United States, and over half of these pollutants are not regulated which means they can esist in the water without being reported to consumers. So it is necessary for each person to take responsibility to filter out the contaminants from the water they drink.

Therefore, our recommendation is for the best water filter to remove contaminants for residential use is a point of service (POS) water filter… the Aquaperform water filter manufactured by Multipure. This Aquaperform drinking water system leverages Multipure’s powerful solid carbon block technology to filter out a wide range of contaminants from drinking water sources, including Arsenic V which is extremely toxic when ingested and which is especially difficult to remove with filtration. Multipure’s specially designed arsenic – absorptive media provides a very effective Arsenic V reduction.

Which water filter removes the most contaminants?
Multpure Auaperform Under Counter Water Filter

This filter is tested and certified for contaminant removal, and you can check the certification at these links:  NSF-certification for contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Std. 42) and contaminants of Health Concern (Std. 53) – including Arsenic V.

This incredible contaminant-removing water filter comes in several styles. 

There is a base system that does not come with any installation assessories or fixtures.

A counter to top kit comes with a dual-hose diverter valve to adapt the filter to your existing faucet.

Countertop residential water filter
Multipure Auaperform Water Filter with Countertop Kit

You can order this filter with a below-the-sink kit that includes a standalone faucet to install next to your existing sink faucet.

Under counter water filter - also known as under sink water filter
Multipure Aqaperform Water Filter with Below-the-Sink Kit with Faucet

There is also a single-hose diverter kit which lets you connect to an existing system mounted faucet.

Easy to install single hose countertop water filter
Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter with Single Hose Diverter Kit

There’s an optional battery operated capacity monitor that will measure the amount of water produced through the water filter system, and it will remind you when it’s time to change the filter. This option works with the below the sink faucet.

The Aquaperform filter uses a 1/8 inch inlet and outlet. It accommodates approximately 600 gallons with the flow rate of one gallon per minute at 60 PSI, and 960 gallons with the optional capacity monitor. It supports a maximum of 100 PSI and works with the minimum of 30 PSI. The housing dimensions are 11″ high by 5.75″ wide. The particulate retention size is less than one micron which is an amazingly small particulate retention for a residential filter.


Housing Composition Stainless Steel
Faucet Composition Chrome plated lead-free
Rubber Items Silicone
Inlet 1/8″ NPT
Outlet 1/8″ NPT
Approximate Capacity 600 Gallons
Approx. Flow Rate 1.00 gpm @ 60 psi
Water Pressure 100 psi max/30 psi min
Housing Dimensions 11″ h x 5.75″ w
Particulate Retention Size Sub Micron
Housing Warranty Lifetime

The Aquaperform replaceable filter cartridge is as large and robust as they come for residential countertop water filters and under sink water filters. This image shows a cut-away view of the large solid carbon filter, sitting in the opened Aquaperform steel case. The filter case is easy to open, and the replacement cartridge is affordable and easy to replace. In the cutaway, you can see on the outer perimeter there is a white wrap which prevents particulates from entering into the medium. The black carbon medium attracts and traps chemical contraminants so they never make it to the faucet. This is a very large and powerful home water purification filter cartridge.

Water filter replacement cartridge cutaway

A problem with most home water purification filters is they are too small and they do not remove a significant spectrum or percentage of chemicals. As you can see from this picture, this filter is well designed. It is large, and robust, and it comes with excellent certifications to remove harmful contaminants.

Price options on this filter range from $505 to $565 USD plus tax and shipping.

This filter is our recommended best water filter for contaminant removal for residential drinking water filtration.  It provides a cost-efficient way to remove virtually all contaminants from your tap water.

You can browse model options, read review specifications and purchase this water filter online in the U.S. and Canada at this link: 


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