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Is Purified Water Important to YOU?

Our mission at, sponsored by VeryHealthyWater™, is to help people learn about and enjoy the safest and most delicious drinking water on the planet… Very Healthy Water!

Whether you know or not, you are at least 70% water! Whether you know or not, the quality of water you drink significantly impacts your health, wellness and longevity. Our mission is to provide information and resources to help you ensure you and your family drink the purest, safest, most delicious, wonderful and health promoting water possible.

Shall I drink bottled water?  Is Reverse Osmosis the best route to go? Should I drink alkaline water?  What is the best water filter to use?  How expensive are the different water purification systems, and which is the best water filtration system for my home? There’s lots of questions. We have good answers. Water is one of the easiest topics to talk about with anyone because it is on everyone’s radar. Everyone knows their water is not as pure and safe as they would like it to be. Yet very few people have actually taken the right steps to guard against the hidden lurking dangers of contaminants in the water they consume every day.

Our mission is an important one because the opportunity to help is so great. And we have the expertise to provide good information because we’ve been in the water purification business for many years. We’ve done the research for you and have great information to help in your quest for finding the best possible drinking water for your family.

What’s up with your water?

There’s nothing like wondering what is in your glass, and whether it is OK to drink it. The problem with contaminants is that you can’t see them. And for the most part you can’t taste them or smell them. So how do you know they are there. One thing for sure is you can make an accurate assumption there are contaminants in your water if you haven’t removed them.

Whether you have well water, spring water or municipal water, it is contaminated.

Some contaminants are man-made due to agricultural chemicals or peoples’ medications… it all has to go somewhere and some of it goes into our water supply. Some harmful chemicals are actually put into your water to protect you – chlorine for example. In the body, chlorine combines with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter to form trihalomethanes which are precursors to carcinogens. Then there are naturally occurring contaminants such as Arsenic which is in nearly any source water in varying degrees. Whether man made or natural, contaminants must be removed to make your water safe! And while regulations are helpful they are not adequate because they often permit low levels of regulated contaminants (not zero levels), and hundreds of new chemicals have been found in America’s tap water in recent years, many of which still have no regulations so they can legally be at any quantity in your water.

Good tasting water can still have contaminants. The best water is water that is contaminant free, and that also tastes fantastic!

So how can a person know if their water is safe? And what should a person do to deal with all this trouble?

We LOVE Really Good Water!

The good news is there are some simple remedies available. And the purpose of is to share information with our readers to help people find the best way to purify their water in a practical and economical way.

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Water and Health – We Are What We Drink?

The water we drink today, together with the food we consume, becomes the us of tomorrow.  What could be more important to our health and wellness than ensuring that we drink adequate quantities of high quality healthy water?

Water Basics – For Starters

On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Water website, they state that water helps us for these important purposes:

  • Keep body temperature normal.
  • Lubricate and cushion joints.
  • Protect spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
  • Rid the body of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

Additional quantity of water is required in hot climates, with more physical activity, when running a fever and when having diarrhea or vomiting.

Healthy Water – Why  Quality?

While much focus is applied to quantity of water consumed, often there is less focus applied to the quality of water consumed.

It is the premise of this website that not all water is the same.  Not all water is as healthy to consume.  Not all water is Very Healthy Water.  While most water people consume may help sustain life, the type and quality of water can make a difference on the resulting level of wellness.

The quality of life we desire requires a quest for the best possible quality of water. For each of us, and for those we love!

Healthy Water – Does it Really Matter?

We invite readers to decide for themselves whether the type of water and the quality of the water they consume matters.  Answer for yourself, which of these choices would you desire to consume, knowing that with each choice, choice A and choice B are both water.  Perhaps some distinctions will be more obvious than others.

  • Swamp water vs Fresh water
  • Municipal water vs Well water
  • Charcoal filtered municipal water vs Straight tap municipal water
  • Municipal water vs Bottled water
  • Water with Fluoride vs Water without Fluoride
  • Water tainted with agriculture chemicals vs Distilled water
  • Reverse Osmosis water vs Distilled water
  • Water in its natural state of being a strong Oxidizing Agent vs Ionized Antioxidant water

Water Variables – Many and Meaningful

Do you get the idea?  There are a lot of variables in water.  Some of the choices above are clear.  Some may be debatable and different people who understand the choices may choose differently.  Some of the distinctions are not as well understood by the general public for most people to make an educated choice.  With many of the choices, the choice may be more of an academic exercise than a practical one because even though we know the “ideal”, we may not have ready access to the technology or desired origin to obtain the desired healthy water. Not only can it be confusing, it is also very complicated!

Even if one fully understands all the choices, how does one know for sure the water they drink is really what they think it is?

The Water We Drink is More Than Just H2O

There is much more to consider in our quest for healthy water than a simple few parameters of water quality as reported by our community water department report.  Even with perfect knowledge of contaminants and other water quality attributes, what comes out the tap or out of the bottle is NOT what we would like it to be.  Were it so, we should expect all communities to produce what we could call “healthy water”.  But, there is in fact much variation even with good reporting and much technology and expense applied to the purification process.  Arlington, TX for example is ranked as having the best rated water utility per the Environmental Working Group, and Pensacola, FL is ranked as having the lowest rated water utility. 

If knowledge led to results, all cities could deliver healthy water when in fact all cities deliver water that has contaminants, and to varying degrees. Consider the following:

  • FACT #1 – Water is contaminated and needs to be treated and purified. Contaminants must be removed.
  • FACT #2 – Your municipal water department may treat your water, but that does not mean all contaminants are removed. In fact, will it surprise you that in order to “treat” municipal water, harmful chemicals are actually added to the water to make the water “safer”?
  • FACT #3 – “Safe” by municipal standards does not necessarily mean “desirable” by consumer standards or “optimal” by health standards.
  • FACT #4 – It is unrealistic and undesirable to purify all potable water that is used for an entire household’s needs at the level of refinement and purity desirable for safe drinking. To purify all water consumed by a household to the level desired for drinking, toilets would not flush, showers would dribble, lawn sprinklers would not sprinkle and families would become frustrated because that level of filtration would slow down the higher capacity water functions.
  • FACT #5 – Water which is highly purified to where the naturally occurring minerals are removed is actually less healthy to consume than water that includes dissolved minerals.
  • FACT #6 – Even if water were completely purified to be absolutely pure, the relative amount of H+ and OH- ions in the water can change the pH and therefore the oxidative strength of the water. Neutral and acid pH water will cause nails to rust whereas water with fewer H+ and more OH- will be alkaline and this slows down the oxidation rate. The health consideration is that the less oxidation stress imposed on one’s body, the slower the aging process.

So there are many considerations when it comes to water!

Again… what does one do to understand and solve their drinking water quality issues?

Is Healthy Water an Elusive Ideal?

If we are realistic in our assessment, we must admit the water we actually consume is less in quality than we should desire and expect it to be.  Even when valiant effort is applied by consumers to improve upon the quality of water delivered to our homes and stores, by the few items of criteria in our list above, nearly every type of water falls short in one or more important attributes of water quality.

Many people realize the dilemma and turn to bottled water. However, testing of bottled water indicates it is no better than tap water, and the obvious additional problem it has is the prolonged contact bottled water has with its plastic bottle. How do you know what you are drinking when you buy water someone else has prepared, and where you don’t know the temperature and timeframe it has been stored in material that can leach harmful chemicals into the water?

What Can be Done to Acquire the Best Water?

That is the question of the century, isn’t it?   And, that is the purpose of our website.  To explore ideas about water.  To propose considerations that should be made for what is healthy water.  To suggest things that consumers can do to obtain healthy water.  To provide information that is useful and practical in applying technology and approaches to improve the quality of water consumed.  To lead to a better water.  A Very Healthy Water.

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