Designing Spaces Spotlights Alkaline Water Ionizers

High Quality Alkaline Waters are featured in this video clip of Designing Spaces TV. The water ionizers produce purified alkaline water from tap water. First, the water ionizer purifies the water witih a high quality water filter, and then it uses electricity to convert some of the H2O molecules into H+ ions and OH- ions. The result is a delicious tasting purified alkaline drinking water that is loaded with antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals. Because the pH of the drinking water is alkaline, this helps balance daily dietary pH consumption. The alkaline water is also super-hydrating and detoxifying. Because the water ionizer converts tap water into alkaline drinking water, you will not need to shop for bottled water ever again. No wonder this water is becoming more popular than ever!


Alkaline Water Ionizers Featured on Designing Spaces TV

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Our amazing water ionizer technology easily makes healthful purified alkaline water for your whole family by using this high quality water ionizer appliance… right from the convenience of your kitchen. Make an unlimited supply of healthful powerful antioxidant water on demand with the touch of a button!

High Quality Ionized Alkaline Water is Loaded with Powerful Antioxidants!

Water Ionizers Make Purified Ionized Alkaline Water - No More Bottled Water

Healthy Hydration and Detoxification are Vital to Good Health

VeryHealthyWater™ is home to the world’s most advanced water purification technology, perfected by 50 years of research and development, and providing families around the world with an affordable technology that turns tap water into highly purified, ionized alkaline drinking water that is delicious, super-hydrating and detoxifying, and loaded with healthful minerals and antioxidants.

Ionized Alkaline Water is loaded with Antioxidants

Hydrate Your Family with Healthy Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water!

VeryHealthyWater™ is based in Highland Utah, and while we directly serve families throughout the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area, Salt Lake County and Utah County, our business is online and our customers are world-wide.

If you are searching for the best water filter system for your home or business, or if you would like to make delicious high quality ionized alkaline drinking water at home from your tap water, VeryHealthyWater™ is here to help you!

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VeryHealthyWater is a distributor of world-class water purification systems that filter and ionize drinking water

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