VeryHealthyWater™ is a dba of Health and Wellness company, Hilke Enterprises, LLC, with these primary objectives:

  • Identify and articulate drinking water quality issues and their potential health hazard.
  • Document and recommend cost-effective water purification technology solutions families can acquire and implement to protect against water contaminants.
  • Document and recommend residential and commercial (restaurant) water purification technology solutions to optimize health and wellness value of drinking water.

If you are an individual who cares about your health and well-being, you should be very interested in the information we will share with you. If you are a father or mother, husband or wife, then your interest in our information should be all the more important to you so you can learn how to protect you and your loved ones from unseen dangers lurking in your drinking water.

We encourage you to browse through our blog and read about real-life problems like Flint, Michigan. Learn how you can get educated on the water you and your family drink each day. And investigate our recommended water purification systems including drinking water filters that will protect you from dangerous contaminants and whole house water filters that protect all the humans, pets and plumbing throughout your entire home.

Hilke Enterprises is headquartered in Highland, Utah and serves customers in the USA, Canada and throughout the world.

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