Nutritionist, Shan Stratton Explains the Benefits of pH Balance and How to Balance pH at Home with an Alkaline Water Ionizer

VeryHealthyWater™ shares this presentation by Nutritionist Shan Stratton where Shan explains how ionized alkaline water helps to balance dietary pH consumption to achieve a better pH balance. Water ionization produces alkaline and acidic waters which can be used for many purposes. For drinking, Shan recommends 9.5pH Alkaline Ionized Water.

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Use an Alkaline Water Ionizer to Help Balance Dietary pH Intake

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Filter Your Water or Be a Filter

New contaminants are found every year, and not all contaminants have been studied enough to determine safe levels in our drinking water. Protect your family from unseen harmful chemicals lurking in your tap or bottled water. Purify your water before you drink it, or you will be the filter. Your liver has enough to do without burdening it with unnecessary harmful contaminants.

Drink Ionized Alkaline Water to Help Balance Your Dietary pH Consumption

Purified Ionized Alkaline Water is delicious! And, it can significantly help you increase the amount of alkaline pH you ingest to help balance your total dietary pH consumption.

Drink plenty of Alkaline Water to help balance your dietary pH consumption

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