Restaurant Owners are Using Water Ionizer Technology to Improve Their Food and to Clean Green

The secret is out!… Watch “The Secret Sauce” video which describes how restaurants are using our commercial water ionizer to produce alkaline water for their customers’ drinking water, alkaline and acidic waters for cooking, strong alkaline water and strong acidic waters for cleaning and sanitizing. They can do all of this with “water” instead of using harsh chemicals which can be unsafe for people and of course for the environment.


How Restaurant Owners Use Ionized Water - The Secret Sauce

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Highly Purified Ionized Alkaline Water is becoming popular as people learn of an amazing technology that lets you create your own purified alkaline drinking water at home, from your tap! Many people who have relied for years on bottled water are switching over to the new technology that lets them turn their tap water into delicious ionized alkaline drinking water. This lets families take control of their drinking water quality, and can save families a lot of money by not having to pay for bottled water ever again. And what works great for families also works great for businesses… restaurants for example!

Chlorine-free Ionzied Alkaline Water Tastes Delicious!

Restaurant use alkaline water ionizers to improve the taste of their food and to clean and sanitize

Ionized Acidic Water Safely Cleans and Sanitizes Without Harsh Dangerous Chemicals

Restaurants are using ionized acidic water to clean and sanitize

Business Owners LOVE How Ionized Water Improves Customer Experience and Improves the Bottom Line

Restuarants are using water ionizers

VeryHealthyWater™ is home to the world’s most advanced water purification technology, perfected by 50 years of research and development, and providing families around the world with an affordable technology that turns tap water into highly purified, ionized alkaline drinking water that is delicious, super-hydrating and detoxifying, and loaded with healthful minerals and antioxidants.

VeryHealthyWater™ is based in Highland Utah, and while we directly serve families throughout the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area, Salt Lake County and Utah County, our business is online and our customers are world-wide.

If you are searching for the best water filter system for your home or business, or if you would like to make delicious high quality ionized alkaline drinking water at home from your tap water, VeryHealthyWater™ is here to help you!

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