If you are looking for information on different water purification systems, here’s our take on it.

At a high level, here’s what we see as key pros and cons of various water purification systems.

Water Purification SystemProsCons
Water DistillationEffective reliable purification. Removes many tough contaminants.Leaves water void of minerals. Extremely slow throughput rate. Water is in a natural oxidative state. Some contaminants still come through in the steam vapor.
Reverse OsmosisEffective reliable purification. Removes tough contaminants.Leaves water void of minerals. Slow throughput rate. Water is in a natural oxidative state.
Water FiltrationPreserves dissolved minerals. Reduces varying degrees of contaminants. Large quality filters can be effective. Throughput rate can be excellent.Small inefficient filters are not effective. Small filters require frequent replacement. Water is in a natural oxidative state.
Water AlkalizationHelps balance dietary pH intake.Water can be alkalized by various means – alkalization by mineralization can have undesirable results. Water is in a natural oxidative state.
Water IonizationMost water ionizers also filter. Strong ionization by electrolysis converts water from oxidative to antioxidative. Ionized alkaline water is super hydrating and detoxifying. Ionized alkaline water helps balance dietary pH intake.While quality water ionizers generally have internal filters for removing chlorine and some contaminants, filtration is not their forte so generally their filtration quality is good but not best.

Perhaps you picked up on it by this simple analysis, but we are not fans of water distillation or reverse osmosis for the simple fact that both of those methods remove healthful minerals from the water. Minerals are extremely important for good health, and we depend on dissolved minerals in our drinking water as an important source of healthful minerals. These methods, however, do have their place in certain circumstances. Reverse osmosis, for example, may be a good solution for removal of high levels of very toxic contaminants that are excessively stubborn to remove with filtration.

Our opinion is that filtration is by far the best contaminant removal option for most homes. However, there are many types of filters. Some are small, many are not effective. Only large, high quality filters with proper media for particulate and chemical removal capabilities can be effective in protecting humans from natural and man-made contaminants. When dealing with something as important as your health and well being, we can in good conscience only recommend filters with the finest contaminant protection capabilities, and you will find information about those filters on our website.

We view thorough contaminant removal as the first stage in a good water purification system. However, filtration does nothing to convert water from its natural oxidative state to the more desirable state of antioxidant. That requires ionization.

Alkalization is on our list, but solves only the pH rating. We recommend ignoring alkaline water because there is a better water that is also alkaline but which offers so much more… Ionized Alkaline Water.

Water Ionization with powerful electrolysis produces a water with highly desirable attributes. High quality ionized alkaline water is:

  • Purified by filtration to remove contaminants.
  • Antioxidizing to scavenge free radicals which can help slow down the aging process.
  • Super hydrating.
  • Detoxifying.
  • Alkaline to help balance dietary pH consumption.
  • Delicious and thirst-quenching!

Additionally, water ionization can produce multiple types of water for a healthy green lifestyle free of harsh chemicals including waters that sanitize, clean and beautify.

As you can see in our pros/cons analysis, water filtration’s deficiency is its oxidative state, and water ionization’s deficiency is that filtration is not its forte. Our recommend solution solves both deficiencies by leveraging the strength of each method to create a fantastic synergistic water purification system with a robust heavy-duty high-quality water pre-filter that has the greatest certifications in the industry, and a top-of-class certified medical grade device water ionizer with the greatest certifications in its industry. Together this duo provides a formidable protection from contaminants, and elevates your drinking water to a level you probably never imagined.

If you like where we are going with this, these two links provide the equipment you need for the most fantastic home drinking water purification system reach out to us for more information…