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Vision Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with Bob Hilke, Jr. of Manchester, CT. Bob has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and works for a Fortune 25 health and wellness company. In this interview, Bob shares some of his personal health priorities and insights.

Vision Magazine: Please tell how you became interested in Nutritional Sciences and how that background has helped you.

Bob Hilke: I chose to study Nutritional Sciences because as a teenager I developed a belief that through nutrition one’s level of wellness and longevity could be favorably influenced. And I acquired a passion for helping people improve their health through principles of nutrition founded in science. I still believe this way after all these years. Nutrition really does matter, and modern science has much to offer as we seek solutions to help with health and longevity.

Vision Magazine: What do you think are the key opportunities in Nutrition today?

Bob Hilke: Well, there’s really lots of opportunities in this space. The scientific knowledge base related to Nutritional Sciences is growing fast and is demanding greater recognition by other health science disciplines. I have personally come to the conclusion I should focus my efforts on two areas where I feel there is significant opportunity to help many people. The first is water. Everyone drinks water, or at least they ought to.

And I think everybody realizes that the water typically available to drink comes up short in terms of being what people consider as optimal in purity and hydration properties. Another area I am personally attached to is that of the role of nutrition in cardiovascular health. Heart Disease is by far the Number One Killer today, and many people are not aware they are at risk, and fewer yet are familiar with Nobel Prize winning research that we should all familiarize ourselves with that can help us mitigate risk. The good news is that there are really great products available today to help with both of these areas.

Vision Magazine: What can people do to improve the quality of water they drink?

Bob Hilke: In my opinion, “optimal” water is a standard much higher than being void of contaminants. To illustrate, here’s one important point… regardless of the method of purification, water naturally tends toward a positive oxidation value as measured by ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential). The positive ORP value indicates water promotes oxidation. You can see evidence of this whenever you see metal at the bottom of a lake – it is likely full of rust because of the oxidative influence of the water.

This is important to us because in our body the aging process is partially driven by oxidation as free radicals attack cells. On the other hand, if water were to have a negative ORP, it could help slow down the effect of the free radicals and more favorably influence the oxidation versus regeneration equation. There is such a water with a negative ORP, and it is known as Ionized Alkaline Water.

This water has other properties health conscious people are looking for as well, including the alkaline pH. Additionally, this type of water is micro clustered which helps improve hydration and detoxification properties of the water. Ionized Alkaline Water is made using a water ionizer machine that sits on the kitchen counter or underneath the sink. There are many models to choose from and I recommend paying the extra for the best quality machine because it will produce a strong negative ORP and will last many years.

I have helped many people obtain one of these machines and my clients are very pleased with the results. I can’t think of any one thing that could help so many people as improving the quality of drinking water they consume, and helping them get better hydrated! So I’m very excited about this as being one area of my focus. As a bonus to drinking Alkaline Water, high quality water ionizers can produce five different types of water, including water that can replace harmful cleaning chemicals in your home.

Your readers will probably appreciate the idea of water that helps them create a greener home with toxic-free cleaning.

Essentially, changing your drinking water to Ionized Alkaline Water may help improve hydration, promote detoxification, provide free-radical scavenging and encourage longevity – all with the convenience of producing an unlimited supply of purified water at your kitchen sink. A product demonstration video, full color brochure and other information is available by signing up for my Health and Wellness Newsletter at any of my VeryHealthyWater websites:


An exciting opportunity for restaurant owners is to provide Ionized Alkaline Water in their cooking and for their patrons to drink. The video at this website includes testimonials from restaurant owners who describe how they use Ionized Water in food preparation, how it enhances food flavor, and how their business has increased by using the water in their restaurants:


As the old adage says, “the proof is in the pudding”. When business owners describe how their business improves by introducing a better type of water to their patrons, perhaps there really is something to it!

Vision Magazine: What can nutrition do to help people who are interested to improve their heart and cardiovascular health?

Bob Hilke: There is one molecule that is of particular importance at the core of cardiovascular health, and it is known as Nitric Oxide, the focus of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Three U.S. scientists received the Nobel Prize for demonstrating the significant role Nitric Oxide plays in cardiovascular health. Nitric Oxide is created on the internal surface of blood vessels and in the human body there is only one known precursor to Nitric Oxide – an amino acid known as L-arginine. Although L-arginine is common in many food sources, there are numerous scientific studies including human clinical trials demonstrating potential benefit of L-arginine supplementation.

The potential benefit of L-arginine supplementation is highlighted by the tendency of our bodies to produce less Nitric Oxide as we age, thus leading to increased risk to incur cardiovascular disease. Today, it is estimated that nearly half the adult population already have heart disease or one of its leading indicators (diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol).

Unfortunately, nearly half of the people who suffer from heart disease will never know in time to do anything about it because their first symptom will be a fatal heart attack. It is no wonder this number one killer disease is called the “silent killer”. Because of the prevalence of this condition and risk in the general population, and the simplicity of a nutritional solution that may help reduce risk, I have L-arginine supplementation as my area of focus #2.

A good quality L-arginine supplement can be easily implemented and the product I use and recommend comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and for many people it may even help lower blood pressure within 90 days. Many people track and validate the results of their L-arginine supplementation with the basic lab work you can obtain at your doctor’s office including triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure. Many people are thrilled to learn that there is a natural nutrition solution that may help them in their efforts for improving cardiovascular health.

Vision Magazine: There are a lot of L-arginine products on the market. Do they all work the same?

Bob Hilke: There certainly are a lot of different L-arginine products. Athletes love L-arginine because it can enhance the natural production of human growth hormone and may help improve the body’s ability to manage lean to fat ratio toward lean and stronger muscles. With regards to cardiovascular health, the key is to maximize production of Nitric Oxide on the surface of the blood vessels around the clock. L-arginine does not accommodate that need very well in its pure form because once it enters the blood it quickly produces some Nitric Oxide and then it is done – it cannot continue to produce Nitric Oxide.

L-citrulline, another amino acid, can however, recycle the L-arginine so it can continue to produce Nitric Oxide over and over again. The product I have found and which works so well for me, is actually an L-arginine Complexer with L-citrulline, and it produces Nitric Oxide continuously for up to 36 hours per serving giving around the clock coverage. This is, in my opinion, in addition to the high quality L-arginine used in the product, why this product can produce satisfaction guaranteed results.

A person’s individual health status is a product of his or her lifetime with consideration for genetics, diet, stress, exercise, rest, environment, habits, etc. Consequently, there is usually never any one silver bullet that can undo the years and restore health to perfection. But, given the choice to keep doing more of the same versus something that might offer improvement, I encourage your readers to consider that there is a lot of science behind L-arginine and Nitric Oxide.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website has indexed more than 91,000 scientific publications on L-arginine, and more than 101,000 scientific publications on Nitric Oxide. A compelling human clinical trial of L-arginine supplementation was conducted by the High Desert Heart Institute under the direction of Dr. Siva Arunasalam, M.D. The study showed remarkable improvement in patients who had advanced chronic conditions and who had exhausted existing known medical options.

A visit to my websites will provide compelling rational from research scientists and doctors, including research results from the High Desert Heart Institute study, regarding the role of L-arginine and Nitric Oxide in cardiovascular health.


In my effort to share something I have personally found to be very helpful, the product I found and personal use can be ordered at this website:


The 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to the first order, so I encourage folks to order at least a three month supply when they place their first order.

Simply put, I feel this natural, high quality L-arginine complexer with L-citrulline is a no-brainer approach, and I encourage folks to consider trying it for helping as part of their efforts to maintain good cardiovascular health. And with the 90 day satisfaction guarantee, it is a risk-free way to try a really great high quality natural nutritional product.

Vision Magazine: Is it OK for people to contact you if they have questions or wish to receive your newsletter?
Bob Hilke: I would be delighted. The simplest method is to visit any of my websites for contact information and sign up for my Newsletter, or to contact me by phone:

Bob Hilke, Jr.

Persons interested in distributor opportunities with either product can visit these sites for additional information:


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