Following are recordings of our webinars about our Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water Purification Systems.

  1. Welcome To VeryHealthyWater
  2. Ionized Alkaline Water Ionizer Customer Experience
  3. Why Our Industry Leading Water Ionizers make the Best Water Purification Systems
  4. Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer
  5. True Health Webinar Ugo And Jannicelli
  6. Shan Stratton Fat Loss With Balanced PH
  7. Chlorine Removal from Drinking Water
  8. Ionized Alkaline Water Demo And Online Order
  9. ABC News Bottled Vs Tap Water Test
  10. Balancing Act TV Show Spotlights Ionized Alkaline Water
  11. True Health Webinar Clips
  12. Make Alfalfa And Broccoli Sprouts With Ionized Alkaline Water
  13. Common Drinks And Their PH Levels
  14. Customer Referral Program
  15. True Health Webinar Taryn And Oscobar
  16. Ionized Alkaline Water Ionizer Intro And Demo
  17. Shan Stratton Ionized Alkaline Water Demonstration
  18. Ionized Alkaline Water Machine Demo
  19. Ionized Alkaline Water PH Demo Acid Or Alkaline Euro
  20. True Health Webinar Joko And Mimi
  21. Ionized Alkaline Water Introduction
  22. This Is The Key To Real Success
  23. True Health Webinar Romi And Nilah
  24. Shan Stratton: Benefits of pH Balance
  25. Removing Chlorine Euro
  26. Connor Pitches His Get Rich Quick Scheme
  27. MSNBC Reports On Bottled Water
  28. Shan Stratton Inflammation Edition
  29. Customer Referral Compensation Plan Explained
  30. Drink Eight Glasses Of Water Every Day
  31. NY Times Tainted Tap Water In US
  32. The Secret Sauce Trailer
  33. Designing Spaces TV Show Features Ionized Alkaline Water Ionizers
  34. Cleaning Food With Ionized Alkaline Water
  35. True Health Webinar Shan And Tamia
  36. Shan Stratton Hydrogen
  37. What Ionized Alkaline Water Looks Like
  38. Full Ionized Alkaline Water Demo Euro
  39. True Health Webinar Gary Gan
  40. Oxidant Or Antioxidant Drinking Water
  41. Ionized Alkaline Water Is Super Hydrating Euro
  42. Cleaning Veggies With Ionized Alkaline Water Euro
  43. Customer Referral Compensation Plan