How to Make Your Water Alkaline

People love how our alkaline water system provides them with clean, pure water on a daily basis in their home. Did you know you can make your water alkaline at home? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level above its natural level of about 7, although some water can be slightly more acidic (a lower pH number) due to impurities in the water. Water with a pH level of 8 or 9 would be considered alkaline.

How to Make Your Water Alkaline

Some people prefer to test their water before they get started with these at-home alkaline solutions. If you wish to test your water, you can pick up pH testing strips online at inexpensive prices.

Baking Soda.

Baking soda has a pH level of 9, so adding it to your water will make it alkaline. You’ll want to shake or stir your water vigorously to ensure that all of the baking soda has been dissolved before you drink it.


Lemons are acidic, so you might not think of them as a way to decrease the acidity of your water. But the acidity of the lemons actually causes your body to alkalize the water while it’s in our system.

pH Drops.

More expensive than lemons or baking soda, but preferred by some, are pH drops. These can be found in your local health food store. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and stir!

Or Let Our Alkaline Water System Do It For You

Sure, you can make your water alkaline at home. But unless you are also purifying it, you aren’t getting all the benefits that you should be anyway. Instead of spending more of your limited free time creating healthier water for yourself and your family, let our alkaline water system do it for you. Our system uses top-quality filtration to create water that’s pure, alkaline, and healthy for your body. Learn more about our alkaline water system on our website and place an order today.


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