Bottled Water: Biggest Scam Of The Century (7 Reasons Why)

The Biggest Scam of the Century - Bottled Water

The bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar in value. Because they have convinced people that bottled water is a necessity. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Bottled Water: Biggest Scam Of The Century (7 Reasons Why)

The bottled water industry makes billions of dollars each year convincing us that their product is healthier for you than tap water, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This video will show you the Bottled water scam and how the bottled water industry is tricking us all this time. It takes up space in landfills, it’s bad for the environment and it’s an unneeded product at best.

Is bottled water a rip off costing people billions? The bottled water industry is just another example of big corporations tricking us into thinking their products are better for you than a public commodity. Most people don’t even know that tap water in the US is completely safe to drink, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

In fact, most bottled waters are nothing more than glorified tap water! A lot of celebrities own bottled water companies and promote it to the general public and this is bringing huge environmental disasters from all fronts. Plastic bottles have become one of the biggest environmental issues on our planet today. Americans alone throw away 33 million plastic bottles every hour! That’s insane! We need to stop this nonsense now before we run out of room on Earth for all those useless empty plastic bottles.

One Bottled water scam is that it is just actually tap water. This may come as a rude shock that bottled water is not some special spring water sourced from the rarest places in the world. Bottled water is just tap water with a lot of flair and good advertising. We’re talking about as much as 45 percent of the bottled water in the entire United States. What producers do is take these regular municipal tap water and put them through thorough filtration processes like reverse osmosis.

Although bottled water has gotten a reputation as a healthier alternative, it is not actually completely free from toxins.

If you are interested to know more about the truth about the bottled water industry, watch this video until the end and discover more reasons why this drink is just a Bottled water scam.

Video Transcript:

0:00there’s nothing as soothing as guzzling

0:02refreshing water after a workout session

0:04or a day out in the sun

0:05most people would prefer to take bottled

0:07water in this situation rather than tap

0:09water but do you know that everything

0:11you’ve been told about the bottled water

0:12industry is a scam well with people

0:14spending billions of dollars on this

0:16every year we’re about to show you how

0:18this multi-billion dollar industry

0:20successfully convinced you that bottled

0:22water is better when that is far from

0:24the truth

0:26bottled water is actually tap water

0:28this may come as a rude shock that

0:30bottled water is not some special spring

0:32water source from the rarest places in

0:34the world

0:35bottled water is just tap water with a

0:37lot of flare and good advertising we’re

0:39talking about as much as 45 of the

0:41bottled water in the united states what

0:44producers do is take these regular

0:45municipal tap waters and put them

0:47through thorough filtration processes

0:49like reverse osmosis

0:51the craziest part is that these may seem

0:54like state-of-the-art filtration methods

0:56that require a lot of heavy machinery

0:58but even your home water filtration

0:59system can get this done easily

1:02some other bottled water companies claim

1:04to get their water from spring water

1:05which could either be pumped from a

1:07borehole or flows to the surface

1:09naturally still there is a lot of

1:11secrecy surrounding these companies

1:13source of their water because it could

1:14put a severe dent in their advertising

1:16strategy they wouldn’t want a lot of

1:18people knowing that they’re paying more

1:20for something that is right under their


1:23bottled water companies are not legally

1:25required to disclose the source of their

1:26water and many of them choose to stay

1:28mute about this

1:30some brands with words like mountain

1:32water and glacier water which have no

1:34regulation may be sourcing their water

1:36from even worse places than advertised

1:38it says a lot about the quality of

1:40bottled water doesn’t it

1:42they also contain chemicals

1:44is your bottled water completely free of

1:46toxins unfortunately the answer is no

1:49despite this bottled water has gotten a

1:51reputation as a healthy alternative with

1:53most exercise gurus preferring to drink

1:56this than tap water still there was a

1:58lot of material to make this fit into

1:59the advertising strategy of bottled

2:01water companies health scares like that

2:04of the milwaukee water system where

2:05there was a parasite outbreak in 1993

2:08were good starting points to make people

2:10consider bottled water as a cleaner


2:12so we had top brands like pepsico and

2:14the coca-cola company swiftly taking

2:16over the market with almost 15 million

2:19dollars in sales in 2019 alone however

2:22the uk market wasn’t as easy especially

2:24when a lot of them discovered that one

2:26of the popular bottle water brands used

2:28filtered tap water only after the

2:30authorities discovered more chemical

2:32bromate than necessary in dasani it went

2:35out of the market completely in 2004

2:38this showed that even bottled water is

2:40not as safe as we think

2:42it started as a status symbol

2:45bottled water didn’t come into existence

2:47because producers were concerned about

2:49your health and looking to help you stay


2:52why else would companies put a price tag

2:54on something that is readily available

2:55right in your home

2:57it all goes down to the mid-1800s when

2:59entrepreneurs in the united states

3:01claimed that bottled water was a miracle

3:03cure to a lot of ailments they were

3:05positioned as the good guys while the

3:07early urban water systems were the bad

3:09guys soon chlorination swooped in to

3:11save the day and municipal water

3:13supplies were obviously safe to drink as

3:15sales declined perrier started a new

3:18advertising campaign in the late 70s

3:20where they claimed that bottled water

3:21was healthy enough to serve as a

3:23substitute to soft drinks and hard

3:25liquor this was a great angle and the

3:27cool image of bottled water appealed to

3:29the sensibilities of the upper class how

3:32many movie sets do you see celebrities

3:33drinking tap water in exactly but the

3:36jig was up when some perrier bottles

3:38contain some amount of benzene which

3:40should never go near your mouth even

3:42though they were bought by nestle it’s

3:44still a rough ride for the company

3:46leaves behind a carbon footprint

3:48plastic bottles are made with crude oil

3:50and that means that a lot of this would

3:52be required to make sure that plastic

3:54bottles never fade out of existence

3:56so we have companies drilling more into

3:58the earth’s core to top up their crude

4:00oil supply and mother nature is

4:02definitely not smiling however this is

4:04not the only process that takes up

4:06natural resources transporting the

4:08bottled water to various locations takes

4:10as much as a liter of gasoline for each


4:13of course this creates more demand for

4:15fossil fuels and this is where a massive

4:17carbon footprint comes into play

4:19several environmentalists have been

4:21talking about the huge carbon footprint

4:23that plastic bottles leave behind and

4:25this has led to more discussions about a

4:26better packaging alternative this

4:28doesn’t even include the fact that

4:30bottled water is quite wasteful as it

4:32could take as much as three liters of

4:33water to make a 500 milliliter plastic

4:36bottle the irony here is much when you

4:38realize that water is wasted to produce

4:40bottles that would house water and this

4:42is one reason why lots of spring water

4:44resources around the world especially in

4:47the united states are quickly dying up

4:49as companies keep taking more than the

4:51sources can support

4:53this was exactly what happened with

4:54strawberry creek in california when

4:56connecting creeks completely dried up in

4:582018 because nestle took out as much as

5:0145 million gallons for its bottled water


5:04locals had little to no water to live on

5:06while the world was left with more of a

5:08carbon footprint

5:10tap water is tested more than bottled


5:13one would think that bottled water would

5:15have go through strict testing processes

5:17before it could be allowed to get into

5:18the homes of consumers but that’s quite

5:20far from the truth tap water goes

5:22through a lot more testing for quality

5:24and contamination than most people know

5:26we guess it’s because the environmental

5:28protection agency knows that water that

5:30is directly accessible by anyone in your

5:32home and used for pretty much everything

5:34around the country deserves to go

5:36through thorough examination constantly

5:38who knew however they don’t subject

5:40bottled water these same type of regular

5:42checks which says a lot about the

5:44quality of what is in those bottles

5:46with tap water going through more

5:48testing that would mean that the quality

5:50is much higher than we’re made to

5:52believe still this depends on where you

5:54live we’ve had scandals with tap water

5:56over the years which enforces the fears

5:58of water contaminating toxins

6:00that’s good news if we can find out

6:02exactly what’s in your water through an

6:03annual drinking water quality report

6:06rethinking your choice of bottled water


6:09not all bottles get recycled

6:11it’s not just fossil fuels that are

6:12leaving a heavy carbon footprint from

6:14the production of bottled water we are

6:16meant to have a society where people are

6:18encouraged to recycle products and keep

6:20them out of landfills

6:21the sad truth is that the bottled water

6:23industry leaves a whole lot of leftover

6:25plastic waste that ends up at the bottom

6:27of the ocean or polluting the earth’s

6:29surface and shocking as it might sound

6:31only 25 of the plastic bottles from

6:33bottled water companies actually get to

6:35the recycling stage

6:37others are mostly down cycled what does

6:39that mean well these plastics are used

6:41to make fabrics in china while they may

6:43ignore the appalling aspect of actually

6:45wearing plastics this means that these

6:48companies are not reusing old materials

6:50to make new bottles and this increases

6:52the demands for byproducts of crude oil

6:54that go into making more bottles the

6:56result more pollution and greenhouse

6:59gases flying around the world creating

7:01more plastic bottles for bottled water

7:03is definitely not great for the

7:04environment and that doesn’t include the

7:06pollution that comes from plastic

7:07bottles for soft drinks either

7:10more expensive than it should be

7:12first there’s a crazy part about paying

7:14for water that you can actually get

7:16without spending a dime

7:18then there’s the worst one of buying in

7:20an incredibly high price

7:22with each gallon costing about a dollar

7:24this means we’re spending as much as 300

7:26times more on each bottled water

7:28compared to simply drinking tap water

7:30to give you a real perspective on this

7:32it’s the equivalent to spending almost

7:34750 on a mcdonald’s hamburger ridiculous


7:38now you know all about the scam bottled

7:40water industry and that’s a wrap would

7:42you rather drink bottled water or tap



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