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If you are looking for an Independent Kangen Water Distributor, look no further…

Bob and Laurel Hilke are Enagic Distributors, and sell Kangen Water ™ ionizers worldwide.  We can help you with anything Kangen!


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Join our fast growing team of Enagic Customers and Enagic Distributors and help us share this wonderful Kangen Water ™ product around the world.  You would be surprised just how much you can help others with this wonderful water as a Kangen Water Distributor.  We sell Kangen Water Ionizers anywhere in the world… anyplace on the planet!  And, you can become an Enagic Distributor and participate in the Enagic Customer Referral Program too.  We’ll be glad to help you get started with Kangen Water ™ and with beginning a successful career as an Independent Enagic Distributor.

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Bob an Laurel Hilke – Kangen Water Distributor

Send us an email:  CONTACT FORM

Call us:  1.800.584.3596

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers manufactured by Enagic produce high quality ionized alkaline drinking water

2 Responses to “Enagic Kangen Water ™ Distributor | Enagic Distributor”

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi my mom lives in CA and drinks kangen alkaline water she gets by the gallon hugs full and comes to WA several months a year. We are trying to find a place here in WA to buy the alkaline water. We live in the Tacoma and Olympia area. Do u have any suggestions ?
    Thank u

  2. VIVIAN DEGUIA says:

    I am interested to become a distributor. What Should I do first? Please email me back at 201 803 9467. Thank you.

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