Water is NOT just water? Try Kangen Water (tm)! Mon, 03 Sep 2018 23:55:04 +0000 37626254 Bottled water woes who’s watching our water? part-1 8764 Bottled water, because it is defined as a “food” under federal regulations, is under the authority if the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under much stricter standards, regulates tap water( your homes water supply). Thus, bottled water, depending upon your brand, may actually be less clean and safe than your tap water. The EPA mandates that local municipal water treatment plants supply a detailed accounting of source results, and of contaminate levels found in  testing, to residents. That must be done several times daily to meet guidelines set by the EPA. Where as bottled water companies are under no such directive. The National Resources Defense Council studied and found 18 out of 103 bottled water brands tested contained “more bacteria than allowed under legal microbiological-purity guidelines.” One fifth of the brands tested positive for the presence of synthetic chemicals, such as industrial chemicals, and chemicals used to produce plastic bottles. Phthlate, a harmful chemical used in the manufacture of plastic bottles had leeched into the water from it’s plastic container. Processed water is heated to 185 degrees in processing and bottling.

Home Water Purification Systems FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 4281 Water Purification Questions and Answers

Following are the most frequently asked questions about home water purification systems for our website visitors.

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  • What is the best Alkaline Water Machine?
  • What are the important differences between alkaline water machines?
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  • How do I use a water ionizer to sanitize my kitchen and bathroom?
  • What type of water is best to help skin conditions like psoriasis?
  • Does the type of water I drink affect heart disease?
  • Can drinking optimized water help or cure my diabetes?
  • What is the best type of water for athletes and bodybuilders to use?
  • How can I get hydrated without being bloated?
  • Can I get rid of my gastric reflux, acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) by drinking alkaline water?
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  • What is the best healthy water ph?
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  • What is the best brands and models of ionized water machines?
  • What is the healthiest water system for homes?
  • Is there a Kangen Water distributor in Australia?
  • What are the main differences between home water purification systems?
  • Why is bottled water not considered as good as tap water?
  • What are the pros and cons of drinking alkaline water?
  • Is an alkaline drinking machine an affordable drinking water purification system?
  • Where can I find Kangen Water distributors near my home?
  • Are water ionization systems easy to install in my home?

Note: These questions are based on actual queries at our website. We are in the process of posting answers to each question for your convenience.  Meanwhile, these and many other questions are answered by our Water Basics Webinar series which you can attend for free at our website.  Please watch the entire webinar in order to receive a personal invitation to attend subsequent webinars in our series.

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