What is the Right pH Water Balance?

pH Water Balance? Alkaline – Acidic Water Uses…

ph water balance

The pH level of your drinking water shows how acidic it is. pH represents “potentialhydrogen,” making reference to the volume of hydrogen blended with the water. pH is calculated on a scale that runs from zero-fourteen. Seven is neutral, indicating there is no acid or alkalinity present. A measurement beneath seven indicates acid is present and a measurement above seven indicates alkalinity.

The standard range regarding pH water balance in ground water lays between 6 and 8.5. In contrast vinegar measures 3 pH, beer measures between 4 and 5, whilst whole milk measures approximately 6.4 pH.

Drinking water that has a low pH water balance is usually acidic, soft and corrosive. This kind of water can leach metals from pipes and fittings, for example copper, iron, lead, manganese and zinc. Alarmingly! Some of these chemicals have been linked to some very serious illnesses including cancer, birth defects, neurological disorders and a host of other afflictions.

However, water containing increased amounts of toxic metals can also show a low pH level. For instance, tap water with a pH level above 8.5 might suggest that the water is hard. Hard water alone does not pose any kind of major health risk, provided that the amount of toxic chemicals are filtered to a safe level.

Tell tale signs of poorly filtered water can be very easy to detect, either through taste, texture or even through the performance of plumbing appliances! Poorly filtered water makes coffee taste bitter, scale on pipes and fixtures can often lead to lower water pressure and surprisingly, difficulty in getting soap and detergent to foam is another sign!


What Is The Right Ph Water Balance in Drinking Water?

Drinking water that has a pH level higher than seven is known as alkaline water which, when drunk everyday, is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Enhancing the body’s anti-oxidant levels has long been linked with greater levels of energy, anti-aging effects and disease inhibiting properties from stomach problems and arteriosclerosis to diabetic issues and in many cases cancer.


Ph Water Balance? Alkaline Water…

Ionized drinking water is the solution: it is molecularly smaller, it is actually absorbed faster by the cells within our bodies enabling us to dehydrate and/or detox our bodies much faster and more proficiently than with non-ionized standard tap or bottled water.

Cooking with alkaline water dramatically improves the flavor of vegetables, rice, pastas, soups and teas.

Higher Alkaline water levels (pH of ten or more) are brilliant for thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables to remove harmful bacteria and pesticides. Fantastic for removing stains such as: coffee, oil, grass and other stubborn stains; and dramatically enhances kitchen, bath and other household cleaning chores.


Ph Water Balance? Acidic Water…

Water that has a pH level lower than seven is referred to as acidic water.  Due to the fact your skin and hair are usually acidic, when Acidic Ionized Water is used topically to the skin, it exfoliates extracting the dead skin cells whilst tightening and firming , thus helping with wrinkles and fine lines.

Here another fact! Acidic water eliminates surface bacteria on the skin, it may also help battle acne and blemishes without the need of harmful chemical remedies.  Washing and rinsing your hair with acidic water also improves shine, manageability and reduces damage

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