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Health & Hydration Talk | kangen ionized water

Why Nutrition & Hydration Must go Hand In Hand: Have you ever wondered  how a healthy water could improve your health, and your families. Yet been lost in the myriad of information. Here is your chance. During this unique event, you will learn: How Nutrient “Utilization” is much more than just nutrient consumption. How Kangen […]


Do You Pamper Your Pet With Kangen Water? We Do…

Our dog Murphy a (Scottish terrier) did not drink much water. Not any more…. Ironically he also got constipated too. We have had Murphy since he was six weeks old. During this period of time, we have noticed he drinks much more water now. He can tell the difference too, and will not drink Tap […]


A Day Without Water?

No Water? Can we imagine that? Probably not – and that could be vital to your health! Bottled water is consumed by millions each and every day and is a major global industry. Literally draining the public water supply from communities. Check online for the movie “Tapped”. The good people at Story of Stuff have […]


How about saving some $$ and protecting the environment? | water

Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Many seek out green products in an effort to reduce the impact, for now and future generations. For a family hoping to reduce its reliance on bottled water, a point-of-use or point-of-entry water treatment system may be just the ticket. Not only can these systems provide benefits […]


Healthy Lifestyle For The New Year? Water is the fountain of Youth.

Your body is water: We are made up of approximately 70-75% water. To function well our bodily systems require quality hydration. In order to keep us at peak performance, which means removing pollutants and contaminants. A very narrow pH level must be maintained, as well as proper minerals and nutrition to fuel our cellular activity. […]


Renowned MD and innovator recommends Alkaline water

Dr. Shinya and Colonoscopy Dr. Hiromi Shinya co-inventor of the colonoscopy and of the “Shinya Technique“, a revolutionary, first of it’s kind non-invasive colonoscopy surgical procedure, which is now the standard of care for the removal of polyps during a colonscopy. Has spent his career innovating, pioneering and assisting the medical community in making a […]


Hypochlorous Acid: an ideal wound care agent

Wounds. 2014 Dec;26(12):342-50. Sakarya S1, Gunay N2, Karakulak M3, Ozturk B4, Ertugrul B4. “INTRODUCTION: Chronic wounds and the infections associated with them are responsible for a considerable escalation in morbidity and the cost of health care. Infection and cellular activation and the relation between cells are 2 critical factors in wound healing. Since chronic wounds […]


Bottled water woes Who’s watching our water? part 2

In addition, bottled water companies are not required to test for “Cryptosporidium,” the chlorine-resistant protozoan that infected more than 400,000 Milwaukee residents in 1993. Bottled water companies, are not under the same strict accountability standards as are required by the EPA for municipal water systems. Bottled water companies may provide a significantly lower quality standard […]


Bottled water woes who’s watching our water? part-1

Bottled water, because it is defined as a “food” under federal regulations, is under the authority if the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under much stricter standards, regulates tap water( your homes water supply). Thus, bottled water, depending upon your brand, may actually be less clean and safe than your […]

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