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How To Create A Greener Home With Our Alkaline Water System

If you are trying to achieve a greener home, there are a few different ways you can ensure your lifestyle is more environmentally friendly. At Kangen Water, we believe that a green life begins with the water you drink and use in your home. Check out these tips for creating a greener home and learn […]


How to Make Your Water Alkaline

People love how our alkaline water system provides them with clean, pure water on a daily basis in their home. Did you know you can make your water alkaline at home? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level above its natural level of about 7, although some water can be slightly more acidic (a […]


How an Alkaline Water System Works in Your Home

People are eager to bring healthier drinking water into their homes but think the only way to do it is through consuming bottled water. Unfortunately, bottled water might not be any better than the water come directly from your tap, and it increases the amount of waste and your environmental impact with untold numbers of empty […]


Alkaline Water For Cooking And Personal Use

By now you understand how beneficial ionized alkaline water is for your overall health. It hydrates your body at cellular levels and gives you more energy. It boosts your immune system to fight off diseases like the common cold. It detoxes your body of acidic waste that free radicals flourish in. If filtered correctly through […]


What is the Best Home Water Purification System?

The Enagic LeveLuk K8 Kangen Water Ionizer is the Best Home Water Purification System If you are looking for the best possible home water purification system, Enagic just announced their Kangen 8 water purifier. This powerful water ionizer purifies water with filtration, and then provides a powerful ionization with its amazing EIGHT anti-oxidizing platinum-dipped titanium […]

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