The Importance of Water Purification

Wilderness Water Purification Techniques

If you enjoy the outdoors, water purification is just as important outdoors as indoors.  This article provides some considerations for outdoor water purification…

water2 150x150 The Importance of Water PurificationDehydration is often mistaken for hunger pangs.

In a past article I had written about the importance of water purification and brought forth some emergency methods of filtering water if stranded in the wilderness. Those methods are last resort and don’t guarantee the safety of the water other than remove some of the bigger visible particles. It’s better than nothing but you probably will get sick.

Basic Wilderness Water Purification

If you’re looking for a safer way to make your water safe to drink then you will need to boil your water.

For this you will need one of the most multi-use pieces of gear of all-time, a big stainless-steel pot.

Important Water Purification Equipment

In choosing survival gear it is advised to choose gear that is multi-purpose and the big pot is one of them. You can use it for melting snow and ice for drinking water. You can use it for cooking, storing gear, digging, and hammering steaks in the ground. Cody Lundin author of “When All He** Breaks Loose” lists the metal pot as one of his, “Really Cool, Gotta Have It, Multiple-Use Stuff”.

Simply bring the water to a boil, take your pot off the fire and let cool. While the water is cooling the heat will continue to kill pathogens. It can be advisable to use the more cruder methods outlined on my site to remove bigger particles before you boil the water (like dead bugs, leaves, etc..). If your improvised filter is clean enough it may be advisable to run the boiled water, after it’s cooled, through the filter to aerate the water and improve it’s taste. Boiling decreases the oxygen in the water and makes in taste flat.

You can also aerate the boiled water by shaking it in a closed container vigorously.

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