Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Studies

Electrolyzed Reduced Water - Google Scholar Query

Search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water on Google Scholar, and be IMPRESSED!

Google Scholar is where scientists publish their peer reviews. A topic with over 65,000 article results on Google Scholar is Electrolyzed-reduced Water. This is a very interesting topic because according to the science, there are unique properties of Electrolyzed-reduced Water that produce potentially beneficial results.

Google Scholar Search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water Shows About 65,800 Results

Here’s a very brief sampling of Google Scholar articles to give an idea of the type of things the scientists are studying.

Interesting science! That is just the first four studies in the query, out of a total of approximately 65,000! Obviously there is a currently lot of attention in the scientific community to understand this type of water.

Not all water is the same, and the scientific evidence accumulating in these studies should encourage inquisitive individuals to learn about the many different and interesting properties of water.

Disclaimer: Although we are a huge fan of Electrolyzed Reduced Water and we personally use it every day, we can neither substantiate nor discredit the results reported by these many scientific studies. This information is shared to encourage our readers to seek out available scientific data to learn about water and its many attributes and its potential benefits.


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