You Can Get Antioxidants In A Glass Of Water?

Antioxidants in a glass of water?

Enter the Super Hero of our story (and your health). Antioxidants neutralize Free Radicals. They work by donating an extra electron to oxidized molecules, so the handicapped molecules don’t have to steal one from healthy cells. Now the cell is back to normal and operating as usual!

Cancer is another disease that seems to thrive in chronic acidic states. Dr. Otto Warburg’s work in this area earned him the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1931. His conclusion was cancer can not grow in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment.

It’s no wonder scientists keep finding more and more health benefits of Antioxidants – they are Nature’s way of STOPPING diseased cells before they spread!

Nature has given us many different sources of antioxidants: Beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, tea leaves, cocoa, and more. But not all antioxidants are created equal, and some are much stronger than others.

The stronger the antioxidant, the more oxygen it will reduce in your cells. Unfortunately, many consumers try to skip corners by purchasing synthetic antioxidants or supplements that have very low Antioxidant capacity, but the health benefits just aren’t there.

Did you know “Tap Water” Can Be Filtered And Ionized:

It should not be surprising then that water, which is comprised of oxygen, and hydrogen
are the most important molecules in the most complex life form on our planet, our bodies.

What is most important to know though, is all waters are not created equal.

Tap water which has been filtered, and then Ionized is a rich antioxidant source that is intended for internal use to support cellular healing by alkalizing, hydrating, and neutralizing free radicals that damage our cells and create disease.

Nutrition and hydration must go hand in hand. Ionized water plus proper supplementation also help to reduce body fat naturally, easily, and must effectively if coupled with routine weekly work-outs.

Making a change in what we consume, just a small change in what you drink, and eat can truly change your life.

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