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Home Purification System For Healthy Waterhome water purification

If you´re ready to have great tasting, healthy water in your home, then a home purification system might be the thing for you.

There are various types of home purification systems on the market.

Water is just not water when it comes to taste and cleanliness.

Of course, the first question to ask yourself is if your home really needs a home purification system?

A water filter is only fruitful when it takes bad stuff out of the water without putting any bad stuff back in again.

In short, don’t rush out to buy a home purification system just because it´s trendy.

You may depend on public water or your own well and will need to find the appropriate system accordingly.

How Can I Tell Wether The Water In My House Is Safe?

It’s not easy.

You can rely on your senses to alert you to a few of the more unappetizing things that spill into your drinking glass — like sulfur, with its distinctive rotten-egg smell, or too much chlorine.

The Water Quality Association offers an interactive “Diagnose Your Drinking Water” – tool on its website, which can help you figure out why your tap water smells like rotten eggs, tastes like salt, or spots your glasses.

Best may be to contact your local water authorities to get the name of a certified laboratory to test the water at your tap.

If you rely on well water, collected rainwater or surface water, you should definitely test your water to protect your health.

Test Your Water Before Getting A Home Purification System

Some of the most serious — and most common — contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, lead, and other chemicals, can’t be tasted or smelled.

Your water comes from a municipal system unless you have a private well on your property or live in a rural area where a number of families share a well.

The water will tested on a regular basis to meet the required standards.

Unless you’ve heard otherwise, you can be reasonably confident that your water meets federal standards.

Still, there’s only one way to know for sure what’s in your water, and that’s to have it tested.

What Does A Home Purification System Do?

A home purification system will help removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.

The goal being to produce clean and healthy water, safe for you to drink.

A whole house filtration system purifies water throughout the house, from kitchen and bathroom faucets to toilets and laundry pipes. So anywhere water is used in the house, it is treated.

Cost And Types Of Home Purification System

A complete home purification system varies significantly depending on the type and size of the system.

It depends on if you get under-the-sink systems, that purify the water going just to that outlet, or a system that purifies the water going into the entire house.

While costs vary greatly, an average price for whole-house is somewhere between $1,500 and $3,000.

Filtration for under the sink averages between $300 and $500.

You can get a listing of Gold Star Rated products by the Water Quality Association to help you make a decision.

Home Purification System

Your home is worth a good home purification system – so take your time in finding what´s best for you!

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