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Introducing 9.5 pH Kangen Water

9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Water See the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer SD501 is Enagic’s flagship model. Makes highly purified, alkaline antioxidant water… delicious drinking water. The Kangen machine produces five types of water. The 9.5 water is loaded with antioxidants. Compare the pH of various waters and you will see that nearly all common […]


What is the Best Home Water Purification System?

The Enagic LeveLuk K8 Kangen Water Ionizer is the Best Home Water Purification System If you are looking for the best possible home water purification system, Enagic just announced their Kangen 8 water purifier. This powerful water ionizer purifies water with filtration, and then provides a powerful ionization with its amazing EIGHT anti-oxidizing platinum-dipped titanium […]


Kangen Water Changes Lives

Changing the Water You Drink Can Have Great Results Even though tap water is usually neutral on the PH scale, water that we drink should be alkaline. Water sold in water bottles are acidic as well. The acid in the water is unhealthy for humans to intake. Whereas drinking Kangen Water has positive results. It […]


Celebrities Drink Kangen Water

Many American Celebrities Drink Kangen This video talks about some of the celebrities that have their own Enagic Kangen Machines. Below is another video that shows celebrities who love and drink Kangen Water. If you’re interested in trying Kangen Water or in purchasing a machine, do not hestitate to contact us and please visit our Enagic […]


Obama Drinks Kangen Water

Barack Obama’s Cardiologist Recommends Kangen Water Last year Michelle Obama told America of the importance of drinking water. The President’s family actually drinks Kangen Water and his current Cardiologist, Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC (who was the cardiologist to Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, the Queen of England and the Pope) is recommending Kangen Water. “We have […]


Kangen Water Used In Hospitals

Japan Uses Kangen Water In their Hospitals Watch this video to see why: Kangen Water is a great system and source of very healthy water. With the different types of water that you can choose from with the machines, are many health benefits and many things you can use the water for.  And as always […]


Why Kangen Water – Alkaline – Ionized – Microclustered – Hydrating

Why Should I Drink Kangen Water(tm)? Kangen Water is Alkaline, Ionized, Micro Clustered, and Super Hydrating In this video, Bob Hilke, Jr. explains why Kangen Water ™ is different from other water purification systems, and why you should consider it as the water purification system for your family. Key points featured in the video include: […]


What is a Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer Defined What is Water Ionization? An appliance that ionizes water with electrolysis into O2 and H2 (oxygen and hydrogen) is known as a Water Ionizer.  H+ and OH- ions are produced by the electrolysis.  The resulting water is used for many purposes.  Drinking ionized alkaline water with a pH ranging from 8.5 to […]


What does Kangen Water ™ Look Like When Made From the Enagic SD501?

What does Kangen Water ™ look like? Watch this video to see what Kangen Water ™ looks like when it is made using the Enagic LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer machine. Kangen Water ™ is highly ionized When the SD501 produces Kangen Water ™, it is ionized, with many of the H2O molecules having been […]


World Class Bodybuilder Wade Lightheart Discusses Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water used by Wade Lightheart – World Class Bodybuilder Wade Lightheart, also known as Wade McNutt is a Raw Vegan.  He also drinks Alkaline Water that has been Ionized by a Water Ionizer. Wade has won National titles in body building, using no chemicals and no drugs.  Wade attributes his success to his healthy […]

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