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Bottled water woes who’s watching our water? part-1

Bottled water, because it is defined as a “food” under federal regulations, is under the authority if the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under much stricter standards, regulates tap water( your homes water supply). Thus, bottled water, depending upon your brand, may actually be less clean and safe than your […]


Comparing Kangen Water Ionizer Models | Enagic SD501

Comparison of Enagic SD501 and LeveLuk K8 Models   The best possible water we can drink to achieve and maintain good health is alkaline water made by a Kangen Water® ionizer. Did you know that of all the different brands of water ionizers, only one has qualified for the prestigious gold seal certification by the […]


Benefits of Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems Drinking healthy water is necessary because water directly affects our health. However, water purification is more than merely the removal of disease-causing and harmful microorganisms. The quality of water we drink ranges from having dirt-free and germs-free water to having healthy minerals to help our bodies. Modern technology such as water purification […]


Home Water Purification

Are Home Water Purification Systems Needed? Water, it makes up 71% of the earth`s surface (and that`s just the oceans) and 65 % of each and every one of us. Water is essential for life on earth and we all know we are supposed to drink at least eight glasses a day to stay healthy. […]


Home Water Purification Systems in Hartford Connecticut

Hartford Connecticut Home Water Purification Systems Do you live in Hartford County, Connecticut?  And are you looking for the best Water Purification System for your family? We are offering free in-home water purification demonstrations in your area.  Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and see how you can easily install the best water purification […]


What you should know about water purification

Water Purification Systems Before you take your next drink of water, there’s some things you ought to know about your water purification system! If you are wondering about what water purifiers are the best for your home, you will find our webinar especially helpful. Sign up here for our WEBINAR… Did you know your […]

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